Zoom featuring on Amazon Echo, Google Nest and Facebook Portal devices later this year

During this global pandemic, everyone has come in terms with Zoom. Every person now knows the Zoom application, be it a child attending school, an adult attending conferences or a senior citizen just talking to their family. Zoom was created in 2013, but in 2020, it has gotten recognition similar to that of Skype, Facebook, Instagram, and other famous social media platforms. With so much of a customer base, the company is sure to invest on something new. The customer base obviously gives the company a drive to provide something better.

Zoom would be joining hands with companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon in providing video conferencing systems on the devices of these companies. Yes, in a few weeks/months’ time, you would not have to sit in front of your PC and zoom. Instead, you can sit on your sofa with a Facebook Portal, Google Nest Hub Max or Amazon Echo Show.

The video conferencing application would first come onto the Facebook portal in September. Then followed by the Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest Hub Max at the end of the year.

If this pandemic is not eradicated, these devices are sure to be benefited with the collaboration that they are doing with Zoom. Due to this, people will re-think their decision not to buy these devices. And obviously, Zoom will just expand its horizon doing business with these companies.

If you think that the functionality will differ, you are wrong. The Zoom Chief Product Officer says that these devices would have the usual features. This would obviously include the calendar, HD video call coupled with the outstanding audio these devices produce. He also added;

We’re excited to bring Zoom to these popular devices. It’s more apparent than ever that people are looking for easy-to-use displays for their video communications needs, both professionally and personally

Oded Gal, Chief Product Officer, Zoom 

As excited as Team Zoom is to be hosted on these new platforms, the same excitement can be seen in the companies going to host them. The Director of Alexa Communications said;

We look forward to the launch of Zoom on Echo Show and to bringing another great video calling option to Alexa customers

Brian Oliver, Director of Alexa Communication.

Coming onto the tech-giant Google, they also made remarks related to the new collaboration;

Nest Hub Max and Google Assistant offer a number of ways to stay connected, and we are excited to bring even more options for our users

Lilian Rincon, Senior Director of Product Management, Google Assistant


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