Zee5 HiPi Launches as a New Short Video Platform- What is new in this offering?

Zee5 is one of the most popular streaming services in India. On 14th August, Zee5 launched its TikTok alternative HiPi. HiPi is not a separate app. It is incorporated inside the Zee5 app itself. The platform was first teased early last month. Zee5 has now launched in beta for Android users. They have also brought over 400 influencers on board to start attracting new users.

With the ban of Chinese apps by the government over security concerns, many companies are trying to bring the alternative of the apps which the Chinese companies used to offer. TikTok was extremely popular among the youth in India. It had a huge customer segment. Instagram and YouTube have already modified their platform and now offer a new short-video feature. Other Indian alternatives of TikTok are Bolo Indya, Chingari, Mitron, and ShareChat’s Moj. However, the company claims that HiPi will be better then other alternatives because it will offer good content.

What will HiPi Offer?

HiPi allows users to create videos of up to 90 seconds. It will have music tracks, filters, and visual effects.The new launch will offer hundreds of videos that can be liked or shared across social media platforms.

Good Content-Creation is the prime factor:

The platform will also keep an eye on content which people will be creating or sharing. The company has designed an artificial intelligence (AI) based moderation system. This will essentially help the moderators and make the turnaround time for all the videos the platform receives from its creators faster. Providing good content is very crucial. One of the key drawbacks of TikTok was that the content created by some users was not appropriate.

Also, people who provide good engaging content on a regular basis will be certified by the company. It will also be based on a popularity index. So, it can be seen that the company is really focusing on good content-creation. If the company succeeds in doing this, then this can be its main unique value proposition.

Age Criteria:

Another important thing is that Zee5 HiPi will only allow people of age 18 or above on its platform. It will ask date of birth for verification of age. However, people can tell fake dates of birth too. So, it is not clear what further steps the company would take for verification of age.

What makes this platform different?

  • HiPi will have a variety of content. The content which will be offered on HiPi will meet diverse demographics, geography, as well as the type of handsets that exist in the country.
  • In addition, this new offering will make Zee5 platform different from other similar platforms.

The new platform is available for Android users. The iOS version will also come at a later stage. Also, there will be no other subscription plans for HiPi. The yearly plan for the platform is priced at Rs 999 while the monthly plan is set at Rs 99. Users will be able to stream content in up to five devices simultaneously. The users can access HiPi and create short videos under the same ZEE5 subscription plan.

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Vidhi Banka

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