Zebronics Zeb-Monk Wireless Earphones Launched in India with ANC

The sales of earphones have spiked in the last 2 years. Before, earphones were not seen as much of a necessity, rather needless. But now, they are seen as a must-have accessory with any device that you have.Many smartphone companies have been experimenting with better earphones, be it wired or wireless. For example, just a few days ago Samsung introduced its Buds Live. Then, there are companies that are working mainly on providing their customers with the best audio quality. Zebronics, an India-based company is one of them. This company is known for its affordable speakers, earphones, and headphones. Zebronics is now coming up with its all new Zeb-Monk Bluetooth wireless earphones.

Active Noise Cancellation

Now, a lot of companies have introduced their earphones and headphones with the noise cancelling feature. But an earphone with this feature at such a price is rare. Zebronics at such a low price brings it to us. It will cut the background noises that tend to be disruptive during calls.  

Zebronics Zeb-Monk wireless earphones come with a splash-proof feature. That means that its perfect for fitness-enthusiasts. You can work out wearing these earphones without spoiling them. If you accidentally spill liquid on these, they will be able to withstand that too. So, if you are a runner, or someone who works out, these earphones are the ones for you.


The battery life for these earphones are also remarkably interesting. How many companies give you a playback time of 12 hours at such a price range? Zebronics Zeb-Monk wireless earphones give you 12 hours of playback without noise cancellation and 10 hours with it. So, it will easily last you a day!

You might be thinking what does these magnet drivers have to do with an earphone. Well, these magnet drivers paly two roles. One is the role in improving the audio quality by supplying extra base. These 12mm Neodymium Magnet Drivers will also allow the earpieces to cling together like how many neckbands do. This obviously ensures more security around the neck.

The earphones sport a sleek and stylish design. They weigh mere 32 grams. It also provides better connectivity to the phone, hence allowing a better sync with video and audio. The earphones also have smart controls for switching your music and other functions too. These earphones also support voice assistants, which is something new at such a price. The Zeb-Monk is the first earphone with the Noise-Cancelling feature by Zebronics. 

It is a neckband-style earphone which comes at a price of Rs. 4,999 in India. The features of these earphones are pretty interesting! Due to Amazon Prime Day sale this wireless earphones is on sale, and you can buy at Rs. 2,999 (check) from Amazon India Website

Well, this is obviously true when we see the price tag to a device that gives us so many appealing features. With personal experience, I can assure you that Zebronics earphones are really good. If you are looking for an earphone, support our country’s company, go for Zebronics, it will surely amaze you!

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