YouTube Music rolled out new ‘Activity Bar’ feature on Homepage

YouTube is indeed a needed application, and YouTube Music has won hearts ever since it has launched. The team of YouTube Music planned to introduce a new Activity Bar feature to the users to make the platform more appealing to use. They are launching the activity bar, which can be used to let all the users access and make changes to their homepage. There will also be around seven personalized My Mix playlists, which will be placed on the Home tab. The feature will have diverse artists and even all the different modes, according to YouTube. The plus point is that these playlists will keep updating, and the activity bar will allow users to set music for a particular activity or event like focus and workout. All the users might have already seen the update.

This activity bar, which is placed on the Home tab in the platform of YouTube Music, is out only for giving users easy access to music. Users can play music or song for several featured activities, including your Workout session, Focus, to Relax, and also Commute. Users have to just clock on the workout icon, and then you will be directed to the personalized homepage. There you will witness the playlists consisting of a list of music that will suit your workout session for sure. 

The feature will display seven personalized playlists that are rolled out by YouTube Music. You will find that this feature will be similar to the one in Spotify’s Daily Mixes. There are currently around fifty songs on each playlist of the new My Mix. They are all based on the most preferred songs heard before and the user’s choices. YouTube Music also comes up with the  New Release Mix and Your Like auto playlist. As the Google Play Music shuts down very soon, the YouTube Music platform comes up with more new updates from the past few months to make it more compatible to use. Google Music also advised users to opt for YouTube Music now with all the fascinating features to come.

Swetha Sivakumar

Swetha Sivakumar

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