YouTube Music has launched Replay Mix Playlists that feature the most played songs in the last few weeks

Online video sharing and social media platform YouTube has introduced a new playlist called ‘Replay Mix’ for YouTube Music which will feature all the songs that the user has played several times in the past. This will help the users to directly select this playlist and listen to their favourite songs without any hassle to search them individually. As per YouTube Mix the ‘Replay Mix’ is a “mix of songs you’ve been listening to most in the last few weeks,” which makes a lot of sense.

Users can access the ‘Replay Mix’ playlist by venturing the ‘Mixed for you’ YouTube section and then looking for it above the My Supermix playlist on the YouTube Music app where the cover for the playlist has graphics in blue, green and orange hues. Another thing to note is that the new ‘Replay Mix’ playlist can add 100 songs similar to the My Supermix playlist.

Once the user reaches the end of ‘Replay Mix’, the songs will auto-play from the beginning again thus creating an endless loop of music offering a seamless experience to the music lovers and enthusiasts similar to what we see in the ‘On Repeat’ playlist by Spotify. It is expected that this feature will be released at a global scale by YouTube music.

This is not new that YouTube is featuring a playlist based on the YouTube algorithm. Earlier, the ‘Your Mix’ playlist which featured songs played on a daily basis by the user was released but now the new ‘Replay Mix’ will focus primarily on the songs played by the user on repeat in the past few weeks. So, it is expected that the songs featured in the ‘Replay Mix’ are similar to those being featured in the ‘Your Mix’ and ‘My Supermix’ playlist as well.

All these new features being rolled out by YouTube in the recent past most notably the shorts features for featuring short videos similar to other platforms like TikTok and Snap point to the fact that the platform is trying hard to attract new range of regular users and to compete with other emerging platforms. More details are expected to be released in the upcoming days.

Kanchan Choudhary
Tech Aedgar
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