YouTube Music App gets a redesign for Android Auto

A multi-lingual music streaming service was developed on YouTube on Nov 12, 2015, named YouTube Music. Youtube Music is a free to download app easily available on the google play store for both iOS, Android as well as on Android Auto. It is a music-streaming platform that provides users with a vast range of music videos.

Initially, it looked like YouTube had included a fresh version of Google Play Music with a new range of music videos. But digging deep into its features, made it clear that YouTube has been placing in the work to enhance Google’s past endeavors at music streaming, and the establishment is here to achieve that.

Now, this Google owned YouTube service (YouTube Music Android app) is going to be redesigned with the addition of navigation tabs over the top, for Android Auto. This redesigned YouTube Music Android app is a way different from the old frame.

California based app YouTube Music service i.e. YouTube Music will contain four tabs in total. The first tab is going to be the “Home” tab including the shortcuts to your recently played media. “Last played” is added as the second tab which will take you to the last song or album you played. “Library” being the third tab will include your playlist, recently played, and saved media. The last one is “Device Files” for locally stored media.

However, these tabs are circumstantial i.e. if you are using YouTube Music for the first time you won’t find the Last played tab. Furthermore, you won’t be able to see Device Files if you haven’t saved any music or album on your device.

Moreover, this updated interface of YouTube Music will have more other changes besides navigation tabs. This redesigned YouTube Music will also enhance the old user interface with more visual elements. There will be a constant Youtube Music logo in the top corner.

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