You may lose data if your WD My Book Live is connected to the internet

WD My Book Live and WD My Book Duo drives are under some serious data vanishing issues. There have been several reported cases of user’s data being deleted unexpectedly. Many people are claiming that they have lost their stored data from the network-attached storage drive. As for now, the company has no solution for this problem rather than just unplugging the drive from an internet connection.

The data losing issue was first reported by a WD My Live Book user when he unexpectedly lost all his stored in the drive. He reported the issue on Western Digital’s support forum, “I have a WD MyBook live connected to my home LAN and worked fine for years. I have just found that somehow all the data on it is gone today, while the directories seem there but empty.”

Soon after this report, several other users also reported a similar kind of unusual data losing problem. The main thing to point out from these data loss reports is that some of the users who lost their data, we’re not even using the new updated software. This indicates that the data vanishing issue is not just the cause of any new software update.

In response to the problem faced by its users, one of the heads of Western Digital started, ”We have determined that some My Book Live devices have been compromised by a threat actor. In some cases, this compromise has led to a factory reset that appears to erase all data on the device. But Western Digital assures users the company’s cloud system hasn’t been compromised though the incident is still under active investigation.”

The company asserted that they are doing the investigation to find the root cause of the problem but till then, WD suggested all the users to disconnect their My Book Live from the Internet to secure this data from vanishing unexpectedly.

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh


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