Xiaomi will not release new Mi 10 Ultra and K30 Ultra models in the Global Market

Xiaomi Lovers, we have unwelcoming news. By now, you would have heard about the Mi Ultra models of the Redmi K30 and Mi 10. When Tech Aedgar published these articles, we mentioned that there are no updates as to when the company would be launching its devices. Now, it is clear that other than updates, there are no dates for launch. The company, Xiaomi does not plan to sell the powerful Ultra models outside its country, China.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, was supposed to be the high-end device in the market. On the other hand, Redmi K30 Ultra was the classic Xiaomi move by releasing a budget-friendly powerful device. We cannot say about the Mi 10 Ultra but if the Redmi K30 Ultra were to be launched in the global market, it would have blown up as it has some powerful specifications at a low price. 

Is the Redmi K30 Processor the Problem? 

Xiaomi’s reason for not releasing the Redmi K30 Ultra outside the country would probably be the processor. The strong MediaTek Dimensity 1000 SoC that we talked about in this device is the problem here. These processors themselves are only released in China. Hence, the company cannot release its phones that carry these processors.

We can say this only for the K30 Ultra, and it is just a wild-guess. But for the Mi 10 Ultra, it carries a Qualcomm chip, so the reason the company would not release this device outside the country seems unclear.

This news might be something disturbing for those who were waiting for these devices. And there is no question about the wonderful features that these devices offer. As much as we hope this is not true, this statement was made by the company officials.  

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