Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo are likely to introduce their new foldable smartphones to compete with Samsung

Samsung has been the greatest architect and manufacturer ever since it released its Note series of devices, which became very popular and came in competition with Apple. In recent years, foldable smartphones have become a big hit. 

According to some recent reports, DigiTimes claims that the ultra-premium editions will take a lead in the growing competition of smartphones because more brands will make their effort to be foldable and will compete in the smartphone markets with their own foldable devices.

In addition to this, the sources also claim that the South Korean manufacturer is not expected to launch a new Galaxy Note series smartphone with high-end specs this year; rather It would aim at upgrading its foldable smartphones to a new milestone, which includes the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip series. This became a major milestone for the South Korean Manufacturer. 

As per sources, the Xiaomi brand is also expected to introduce its new foldable in the next half of this year even after the recent launch of its Mi Mix Fold. These upcoming foldable handsets will cost less than the Mi Mix fold which is 10,000 RMB or 1,600 USD. Moreover, Oppo had also disclosed its concept idea for the rollable phones i.e., which is also predicted to launch along with Xiaomi in the second half of this year.

We can notice that the production of the foldable smartphone variants have increased and this is going to be launched soon. And this is also expected to increase the shipments properly in 2022. Sources claim that the total worldwide shipments of these foldables might increase by more than 10 million units in the upcoming year 2022.

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