Xiaomi introduces 200W HyperCharge Technology, which full-charges the device in just 8 minutes

Recently, we see a lot of competition among Apple, Samsung and all the Chinese brands. Let it be in terms of software, hardware or camera, we find competitions in every aspect. This competition is just to increase the popularity of their brand and increase the sales. While all the brands are bringing new software and hardware upgrades, here we have a small piece of news regarding Xiaomi 200W HyperCharge Technology. 

Today on 31 May 2021, Xiaomi introduces its new technology in terms of charging the device. They have just innovated something called “The hyper charging technology.” This is just to boost the fast-charging rate of its phones as compared to its earlier devices. Now, the company claims that this fast-charging solution would charge the phone completely within 8 minutes of plugging in. 

The company through its Twitter handle uploaded a demonstration video in which the demonstrator used a Modified Xiaomi Mi 11 pro handset packed with a 4,000mAh battery to explain the new first charging technology. The technology features 200W fast charging for wired charging and 120W fast charging when charged wireless. Just before a few years, they also did the demonstration on the 100W charging technology which charges a 4,000mAh battery within the 17 minutes of plugging in as well as a 120W fast charging technology which charged the custom build Mi 10 Ultra packed with the 4,500mAh battery with 23 minutes of plugging in.

Now, Xiaomi have just come up with this new HyperCharge technology which is going to be extremely amazing. It would be wonderful for Gamers so that they don’t have to wait for long hours for the phone to be fully charged. Apart from demonstration, the Chinese manufacturer has neither revealed anything regarding the protection of battery health of the device nor about the emergence of this HyperCharge Technology to any of its devices. From this what we can expect is that this technology is still under work and they just have shown us a small glimpse of this HyperCharging solution. 

From these, we can predict that the storage capacity, camera sensors and fast charging are the fields where the Chinese companies are now in competition with each other. Now, according to me the arrival of this technology into the Xiaomi devices would take some time as this would be currently under testing conditions and they might be trying to solve a lot of battery-related issues.

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