Xbox Smart Delivery: An Amazing Feature from the Next Generation of Gaming

The inventiveness in gaming has been thriving ever since people came closer to the games and streams. But do you know the interesting part? The FUTURE of gaming is going to be a lot more prompting. Xbox has always inspired the enthusiast gamers and given them the dawn of a new console generation. Now Xbox series X is ready to set the new standards of gaming that you’ll surely be amazed to experience. This new feature of Xbox series X is all about THE SMART DELIVERY.

The new Smart Delivery Feature absolutely sleeks the shift into the next-generation hardware. Wondering what exactly does it mean? Let me put it in simple words. Smart Delivery is actually about game ownership. For example – Buying one version of Xbox series X (that supports smart delivery obviously), gives you the straight access to the best version of that game regardless of which hardware you are playing it on. Isn’t it icing on the cake? Sure it is!

Xbox Smart Delivery

It’s all about your one-time purchase and unlimited fun later on. The New Smart Delivery has the right solution for gamers, helping them collect the best version of games available, right from Xbox One to Xbox Series X. This simply means getting Hola Infinite for Xbox One lets you play on Xbox Series X later with no additional cost. Now you must be thinking what is going to happen to your data? Just take it easy, your data isn’t running away as data saving will be compatible across both the consoles. So now pick up right exactly where you left off.

Smart Delivery is definitely a very useful initiative by Microsoft. It relieved you from the stress of buying multiple versions of games across generations. Even though the games aren’t instructed to support the feature, Microsoft has made the smart delivery option available for all publishers and developers. However, it is still unclear how Microsoft is going to implement this feature in various Xbox Series X consoles. Also, Microsoft hasn’t made it clear if this feature is sticking to the digital account license or the physical disc would support the feature too. It is somewhat confirmed that a number of Xbox Series X games have benefited from this amazing Smart Delivery feature.

Consequently, with all the above-mentioned information, you must have understood this purchase is worth your money. Here is the list of games that amazon has pledged to support – Halo Infinite, The Blind Forest, Gears 5, and Ori. This technology is available for all the developers and publishers. However, it’s on them to make the best out of it. No doubt, Xbox series X is the fastest and coolest console ever introduced. The Smart Delivery just added up to your fun. With this smart move, Microsoft has proved it puts the players first and these games keep you entertained throughout your Xbox experience.

 Stay tuned for more interesting information regarding your all-time favorite Xbox.

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