WWDC 2021 starts today; what to expect from iOS 15 and iPadOS 15?

Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC is all set to kick-off on 7 June. Though Apple has not given much details about the conference, several reports have given a peek on what to expect from it. The major improvements we might see in WWDC 2021 will be related to iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and in next gen Apple Silicon.

We expect Apple to launch its latest software iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8, macOS 12, tvOS 15 and new homeOS as well as new MacBook Pro in hardware at WWDC 2021 event. And, leaks have rendered about some key features prior to the official launch. 

As per the leaks, iOS 15 is expected to come with new notifications modes. These new updates might allow users to set different statuses, like sleeping, working, and others. Not only this, but this update will make different notifications to conduct in a different mode depending on mode.

Plus, these modes are expected to come with auto-reply features. Adding on, iOS 15 might feature an updated control panel, which will enable users to overlook which application is using more customer data. 

With iOS 15, iMessages is also given a new revamped look with few alterations, to make it ready to compete with leading messaging applications i.e., Facebook Messenger.

Moving on, users can expect an amazing feature from iPadOS 15 “new contextual notification feature.” Basically this feature will detect if the user is awake or asleep, and play notification sound accordingly. For instance, if the user is asleep then the notification sound will be switched to silent innately.

With iPadOS 15, you could place anywhere on the screen, and with an improved application management system you can use more than one application smoothly.

iPadOS could also get a new Home Screen update & an improved tool for better productivity.

Apple smart watches could also come with new health modes, which will help users monitor their blood glucose levels as well. Currently the Apple Smart watch can monitor movement, heart rate, ECG, and blood oxygen levels.

The bonus point is, few reports suggest that Apple might launch a new model of MacBook, i.e., MacBook Pro with new Apple processor namely M1X. As for the MacBook Pro, we believe it will come in two screen sizes- 14-inch & 16-inch with sleek design.

As we have come to the end, we would like to remind you that Apple’s WWDC 2021 is scheduled to commence on 7 June, 2021 at 10:30 PM IST as an online event only. So, don’t forget to tune in for detailed information.

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