Windows 10 to be terminated by Microsoft on 14th October 2025

An announcement was disclosed by Microsoft on its website regarding the Windows 10 Home and Pro to end by October 14th, 2025. Windows 10 will therefore receive no updates and security patches after the due date. The potential reason behind this statement might be the new updated version of Windows to come out by the end of this month. The updated version of the Operating System will likewise be named Windows 11, and Windows 10 will be eliminated on October 14th of 2025.

Both Home and Pro versions will come to an end as per the announcement made by Microsoft through its website. As Windows 10 moves towards the End of Life and is enlisted to not undergo any update after the end date the updated Operating System comes under the spotlight. 

End of Life or EOL is a term used for those Operating Systems which are concluded to be dead by the company. As there will be no updates for the Operating System which has ceased, the users will move on to the heir of the previous Operating System. The name of the heir of the Windows 10 has yet not been disclosed by Microsoft. The company has been leaving clues regarding the upcoming updated Operating System which will likely be named Windows 11. Microsoft has scheduled a special event to take place on June 24th where they will introduce the world to the inheritor of Windows 10 and will commence by 8 pm IST.

Satya Nadella on the upcoming Operating System says that it will be an extensively considerable Operating System of all. The new OS will have a new App Store for Windows and the rumors say that a new app store will be there. Things regarding the new OS are vague and will be apparent by 24th June. If we talk about the Windows 10 validity then that will prevail by 2025 as the company wants the users to carry sufficient time to shift from one Windows to another. 

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