Windows 10: lets you make “Eye-Contact” on video calls

Guess what is a huge part of an effective conversation? It’s when you are able to look right in the eye of the person you are talking to, correct? We’re often confused if we should look into the camera or the screen, whenever we make a video call. Well, the new Windows 10 feature “Eye-Contact” from Microsoft has come up with the right solution. It’s going to play a vital role by helping you retain the perfect eye contact with the person you’re talking to. The Eye-Contact feature in Windows 10 insider preview build is set to make your video calls effortless like ever. Let’s see how!

So basically this new feature introduced by Microsoft completely works out with the Artificial Intelligence potentialities of the Surface Pro X’s Qualcomm-made Microsoft SQ1 Arm Based processor. This feature uses the AI Power to make it look like you’re looking right into the camera, even if you are looking at the display or elsewhere. It’s going to fix your gaze (artificially) right upon the person you’re talking to. Imagine how less awkward it would be! Any app using the front camera can have the advantage of this awesome feature. And yes, Non-Microsoft services like Google Meet and Zoom are not staying behind, this feature is definitely going to work on them too. But, every good thing comes with a price!

Windows 10 Eye Contact

Wondering what the price is? Well, as claimed by Microsoft, turning on this feature will eat up your battery more than usual. But who cares, we all have a charger right? Wait, I’m not done yet, this new feature is taking along some other limitations. This Eye-Contact feature by Microsoft will only work when you have turned your landscape mode on. Also, for now, this feature is available for the company’s Microsoft Surface Pro X activated via the Surface App and won’t be available for the x86 computers. Microsoft has given a reason too, according to it; this kind of feature draws more power than usual so it’s kind of tough to operate it on regular machines.

Now you must be wondering why this feature sounds so familiar. Let me remind you, Apple has also been working on FaceTime Attention correction but somehow this feature got deferred. Although it has again come upon iOS 14 preview, for which you definitely have to wait. Soon iOS users will be able to fake their attention to the person on the other side of the video call, interesting? So, coming up again on Microsoft, this build surely took quite a long time to show up as mentioned by Microsoft, there was some Service Side Issue that prevented AMD and Intel devices from detecting this new build. Microsoft has always been rolling out with new interesting features and this one is worth the wait. This new Eye Contact feature is not far from the broad release. So get ready to build a good repo with whosoever you’re talking via video call.  

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