WhatsApp won’t limit app features if you don’t accept new privacy policy

Recently WhatsApp shook its users when a new privacy policy update came into action. The question arose, what if one does not accept the update? Does it mean the app isn’t safe for those users? They won’t be able to safely use the app anymore?

Well, take a breath! Nothing of that sort is going to happen at all. WhatsApp spokesperson officially announced that not accepting the new privacy policy will not affect the working, functioning or protocol for those users. They will keep reminding us about the new policy, without harming the privacy. So, users can freely depend on the app like before.

In the past few months there has been much ‘do this-do that’ by WhatsApp. Now, coming to a solid statement that users may use the app even if they don’t update it. They will clearly not lose their accounts, data or information in any manner. The officials from WhatsApp have also stated that a majority of people have already taken up the new update and they expect many more to do that soon. For those who haven’t, the app will give frequent reminders and notifications, nothing else.

What did the new privacy policy actually add to WhatsApp? “We are not changing the privacy of your personal conversations.” Facebook-owned app had earlier announced that user’s accounts will be limited or deleted in case they don’t accept the policy. But this statement was reversed due to user dissatisfaction, an unpassed law and majority issues. First things first, you can easily accept the policies without much changes, even if you don’t accept these, for another month or so, there is no such change. WhatsApp in response to rivalry by its counterparts Signal and Telegram, has halted its limiting rule for now.

Moreover, the Indian Government has not passed the “Personal Data Protection Law” yet. In light of this, WhatsApp can not do any further obligation to the users at all. They will have to wait before passing a compulsion.

So, don’t hassle! Use your chatting platform just the way you did, without worry. WhatsApp is as good as before and is here to stay.

Gauri Gupta

Gauri Gupta

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