Whatsapp will not notify you of new messages in Archived chats

WhatsApp, like every other social media app, is working hard to enhance the app in terms of user privacy. The app recently launched a new feature update which will make using the app more stress-free. The feature was rolled out this Tuesday and provides users with full custody of their archived chats. WhatsApp confessed that it is going to provide complete custody of the Archived chats to the user. It hints that the user will be able to mute the contacts in the archived chats permanently. That is even if the archived contact sends you a new message, the message will not appear in the chat windows. 

The feature is available for both Android and iOS users of the Whatsapp app. The feature was available only for iOS users before but now with the update that turned out on Tuesday, the feature will be available for Android users of the app as well.  

Archive on WhatsApp lets you organize your private messages and prioritize important conversations. Your Archived chats will now remain archived and muted but you can always change them back!

WhatsApp explains that managing archived chats will now be easier and users will not see any unwanted chats in their inbox. If the user wants to see the messages again in the inbox, the user must unarchive the conversation. The archived chats used to stay hidden until a new message by the archived contact showed up.  But now the notifications by these archived contacts will only pop up when the person mentions you or replies to you in a group chat. 

To use this new feature you will have to update WhatsApp to the latest version. After updating, there will be no pop-ups and the contacts and groups you have archived will be muted forever. To archive a chat in your Android phone long press on the chat and then when the list of options appears, choose the Chats. If you are an iOS user then simply swipe the chat left and choose the Archive icon to Archive the chat. To see the number of archived chats, you will see an archived chats icon right at the top of the inbox. Click on the icon to see the chats that are muted forever, unarchive to see the messages in the inbox. 

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