WhatsApp will let users to transfer chat history between iOS and Android

WhatsApp has finally introduced the features that allow iOS users to transfer their chat data from their iPhones to an Android device. Before this feature, there was no official way of transferring iOS chats to Android on WhatsApp, making it quite difficult for iOS users to transition to an Android device. As Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event unraveled itself, the feature was officially announced. WhatsApp officially launched the feature, allowing iOS users to transfer their entire chat history from iOS to Android.

Previously there were only rumors and small traces found in the Beta versions of WhatsApp regarding this feature. However, now it is official, and WhatsApp has finally released the highly-anticipated feature. The feature will work both ways, where iOS users can transfer their chat history to Android and vice-versa. This feature is initially only limited to Samsung Phones and will gradually roll out on other Android devices. So currently, iOS users can easily transition their WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to one of the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Whatsapp Chat Transfer between Android and iOS

The chat history transfer is not just limited to texts, but it will also transfer the user’s images, videos, voice notes, and much more. Making it easier for people to transition from one OS to another. Additionally, WhatsApp has stated that this user’s chat history transition will remain end-to-end encrypted, and the transfer process will be safe and secure.

With this particular feature, a user’s WhatsApp chat history can securely exist across different operating systems without any hassle. WhatsApp’s product manager, Sandeep Paruchari, also stated that this is a genuinely joyful moment for WhatsApp, as they have been able to develop a feature that lets a user transfer their WhatsApp chat history from one OS to another securely. Adding to it, he stated that these messages will be secured with the user and would not be accessible by anyone else.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Galaxy Z Flip 3 will be the first smartphones to accommodate this feature. However, there has been no official news regarding other Android devices, but the feature will arrive soon. Additionally, users will require a USB-C to Lightning cable to physically connect the two phones for the transfer to make this transfer possible. Stay tuned for further information regarding this feature, and hopefully, it should arrive on other Samsung and Android devices soon.

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