WhatsApp Will Bring New Icons, Advance Search and many more in upcoming update

After Facebook bought WhatsApp and Instagram, it is continuously working on making them better. Update after updates, Facebook is proving this investment of theirs right. Just recently they merged Messenger and Instagram functionality and brought to users all the featured they wanted in their IGDM. Now, Facebook has come to WhatsApp. WhatsApp has become the most famous messaging app in the world. It has taken over the traditional SMS completely. Every smartphone in this world has WhatsApp in it (there is no almost in the every!). Therefore, to keep up to people’s expectations, Facebook is bringing in new updates for the users. This update is not the usual tweaks and bug fixes, but it is going to change the whole WhatsApp experience.

WhatsApp with its easy to understand UI has attracted the largest customer base. Despite the simple UI, the features that it brings to people are absolutely amazing. Be it the QR codes, stickers, the function to message through your PC, WhatsApp has it all. But it does not stop here, when we tell you the new features that WhatsApp is going to bring, you are sure to be amazed.

1. Rooms 

Yes, we are talking about the rooms that are available on Zoom and other conferencing apps. It is not a question that during this pandemic, the need for video conferencing software and apps have increased. During this rat race, WhatsApp seemed to have fallen beside. Its usual video calling only supports up to 4 people. Personally, even I felt the need for this feature. Now with the launch of the Room, you would be able to conference with 50 people on your beloved WhatsApp app! Isn’t it amazing! You do not have to rely on apps such as zoom etc. Your WhatsApp brings you the solution to your video conferencing.

2. QR Code 

This feature had come to the iOS users previously. Now, WhatsApp, in its new update would introduce it to the Android users do. What are we talking about when we say QR codes? So, with these QR codes, you would not have to physically tell your number to people who need it, you can just flash the in-built QR code on your phone and show it to the person. These would make it easier both for you and the person in front.

3. Advanced Search 

Search option is already there on WhatsApp and it is pretty good, so why “Advanced” Search? This might be your question. Well, previously you could only search through messages (although that itself was amazing). But now, you can search for images, GIFs, documents, and audios too. Isn’t that amazing? The hassle to find your class notes in your class group chat would decrease. The hassle to look for the document that your boss has sent would be decreased with this new feature.

4. Animated Sticker 

Animated Stickers were already prominent on iOS devices but now it will come on Android too. It would make your chatting more fun with stickers that act like short GIFs!

WhatsApp would be rolling out these new update pretty soon and it is going to be amazing. All the features that they are going to bring in are going to be exciting. With Facebook’s advancement in technology, applications like WhatsApp and Instagram are surely benefiting! 

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