WhatsApp Update: new UI changes & features for Android

WhatsApp is going to bring a slight, but much needed update to its UI for Android users. A report by WeBetaInfo suggests that WhatsApp is working on bringing in new colours and a redefined user interface to the application.

For a long time now, WhatsApp has been working on providing new features for their users, be it status update, group video calls, stickers etc. However, the social media platform has not thought much about its design. 

But not anymore, because WhatsApp has finally decided to work on it. WhatsApp will be bringing subtle changes to the UI and colours, to the Android version of the application. Let us take a look at what WhatsApp is planning to bring this time. 

WhatsApp Update
Image: WABetaInfo

As per the report by WeBetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on how the chat list’ section of the application is going to look. WhatsApp is soon going to remove all those chat lines that separate individual chats from each other. 

This might not come off as a big change, but it is noteworthy enough & will surely provide more clear and soothing user experience. For now, this feature is seen on the beta version of WhatsApp, available for Android users only. 

Apart from this, users may experience a new colour scheme with the application. Currently, we see more green colour in the application, but this is expected to change to blue. That’s right, the colours of the notifications shade and elements, will be more of blue instead of green. Even the WhatsApp badge, logo, ‘Mark as Read’, and ‘Reply’ buttons, will change from green colour to blue.

It’s important to note here, that this new colour change feature may be observed in “light mode”, but again this depends on the Android version of the device. 

Recently Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg & WhatsApp CEO, Will Cathcart also mentioned that “WhatsApp might come with new features coming soon.” These features might include, multi-device feature, with up to 4 device support, disappearing mode (as seen on Instagram), and an exclusive version of WhatsApp for iPad tablets only. 

Will Cathcart, WhatsApp CEO, also mentioned that “public beta of multi-device features will be released soon”, this will enable users to link their account with 4 devices. 

Currently, there is no news about implementing these new features on iOS Devices. Anyhow, we assume that once these new changes roll out for Android users, it won’t long become available for iOS users. 

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