WhatsApp to soon allow user to send high quality images and videos

WhatsApp, the famous web messaging company, is currently working on a feature that lets users send videos and images in high quality. Instead of compressing the media files into smaller sized and lower quality. This feature would prove to be very helpful for users, as now they will be able to control the way they want to send a file and if or if not they want to compress it or not. In addition, this feature will also eliminate the 16MB upload limit on media files.

A week ago, there were reports on WABetaInfo about how WhatsApp will let users choose how they want to compress a particular folder that they are uploading. This particular feature was still being tested in beta before. However, traces of the same feature for image compression were found in the beta version This indicated that the media compression feature that they were working on with video uploads before could also be seen with image uploads, making the platform much smoother and more convenient.

Users avoided sending low-quality images by sending those images as documents, but that won’t be needed with this new feature. This feature will give WhatsApp users control over how they want to upload their media files. For both video files and image files, WhatsApp will now give users three options ‘Auto’, ‘Data Saver’ & ‘Best Quality.’ These three options can be found in the storage options of the settings menu in WhatsApp.

The Auto mode will provide optimized compressing that will allow WhatsApp to control the compression of images and videos, according to their AI. This will provide users with the most optimal algorithm for their media uploads.

The Data Saver mode will compress images so that it does not exhaust the user’s data while uploading. This could be helpful for people using limited data.

The Best Quality mode will allow users to send every media file that they have at high quality, without compression. As it won’t be compressed, there will be no tampering with the quality of the media file. This will be very useful for people who want to send images and videos without cutting down on quality.

The feature will also come with multi-device support, which will optimize it for all devices across the world. This means that this particular feature would support all devices. This anticipated feature will be rolling out soon for the users to enjoy as even the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has confirmed that this feature would be rolling out on WhatsApp soon.

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