WhatsApp : New Multiple Device login Support feature

Have you heard about WhatsApp multiple device support for your account? WhatsApp is currently trying to bring this feature of linking your WhatsApp account to up to 4 devices. There sure was a WhatsApp web feature but now I’m talking about linking your other phone to the same account. This is one of the most anticipated feature for WhatsApp. After releasing this new feature in public version, user can login in-to their WhatsApp using multiple device.

We used to lose all the chats if we lose the phone unless backed up. Also we weren’t able to access the account at the same time from more than one device. So this is kind of a useful feature for many .

Multiple WhatsApp login feature is already in the WhatsApp beta version on android. Recently it was found that WhatsApp is going to bring this to iPhone with a support on MacOS too. As of now it is a hidden feature on iPhone and no one can use it. We will have to wait until they release the beta version or an open feature on the app.

Everyone would like to have this feature in an iPad especially because it will be flexible to use on an iPad, a companion device for many. But i don’t think users who want their chats to be highly secure will like such feature. WhatsApp has been having the advantage in terms of privacy over every other messaging platforms.

This is a little threat to the privacy, the end to end encryption. WhatsApp does not want to compromise its end to end encryption feature so we still aren’t sure if WhatsApp will show the previous chats on the linked devices.

If they do that then they’ll have to use some cloud services to store the chats and let access on other devices, which is a drop in security and privacy again and now that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, there might be a little hesitation for few users to continue using WhatsApp like before.

But surely there will be a little security alternatively. There will be a two factor authentication to link any device. You will have to enter the code that will be sent to your phone number. Also the primary Device will be able to access the linked devices and log out or unlink. This update is a big task for WhatsApp to work on but they will be releasing this to everyone in the near future. Do mention in the comments what you think about this multiple login feature on WhatsApp.




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