WhatsApp Multi-device will be available first to desktops, iPhones and Android to follow later

WhatsApp head Will Cathcart and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed recently the existence of a multi-device support feature which will first land on WhatsApp Web and Desktop versions before it comes on the Android and iPhones. The development of this feature and the idea to bring to the app has been in the works for well over a year now. WABetaInfo reports that this feature will be usable for up to four devices at once, all of which have to be linked to one another and a screenshot notes that the users will need to have updated the app and have the latest version of the app for this feature to function normally.

WhatsApp Multi-Device support
Image: WABetaInfo

With the outdated version, there have been some bugs and glitches in which the users appear to not be able to communicate via call or messages and this causes many issues for the users and the company. WABetaInfo also noted that the new feature will affect the performance and quality but they will be fixed in the near future. As mentioned earlier, the new feature update will arrive on smartphones eventually in the course of time. 

The Facebook owned company is also testing other features among the multi-device support. New business profiles shortcuts, a redesigned business profile section and interface. All these features are currently being tested on the best version on android. If the users still have the version of the software, they may still be able to experience the new features.

The new multi-device feature should be a game-changing feature as it will no longer require the users to stay online on their phones to access and use WhatsApp on their desktops. This feature will enable more integration between one user and the other between their devices, whether it’s a desktop or a smartphone. There has been no official communication regarding the launch date but it could be as early as within the next 3 months. 

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