WhatsApp might soon allow users to send high quality videos

WhatsApp is currently working on a feature that might improve user experience and give users more variety in sending videos to their contacts. WhatsApp has never allowed users to send high-quality videos, as WhatsApp has always compressed these videos to save the user’s data and the receivers’ storage space. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently working to enable users to send videos in their original quality or even let them choose the video quality option before sending it to one of their contacts.

WhatsApp believes that this can improve user experience and also give more freedom to the users. This particular feature of sending uncompressed videos is already prevalent in WhatsApp’s competitors, giving them an edge over the company. But with this feature being tested, WhatsApp may be able to increase its market share. And will be able to challenge its competition better.

As per WABetaInfo, this feature has been released in the Android Beta Update labeled as ‘Video upload quality.’ There are no updates on when this feature will be released properly in the running version of WhatsApp for all types of OS, including Apple).

WhatsApp best quality videos

A screenshots shared by WABetaInfo also reveal how the feature will function. First of all, it will come under the “Storage and Data section” in Settings. And this feature would contain three video upload quality options. The first would be the ‘Auto’ option, which will compress and upload the video depending on the video that the user wants to send. This option will optimize the compressing according to what’s best for the user and the video they want to upload. The second option is called ‘Best Quality,’ enabling the user to send the video across at its highest possible quality.

To attain this, WhatsApp wouldn’t intervene with the quality of the video and would straight-up upload the video at its original quality. This option would be heavy on Data as higher quality videos would take more time to upload because of their huge file sizes. The third option, as shown in the screenshot, is labeled ‘Data Saver.’ The Data Saver option compresses the files according to the user’s network performance and data capacity. This is more of an economical option for people who use a low bandwidth network and do not mind lower-quality videos.

This update will remove WhatsApp’s maximum file size capacity, which is 16MB,  for videos precisely and give users more control over how they want to upload a particular video. Hopefully, this feature update is adequately developed and introduced to the main version of WhatsApp for the users to utilize.


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