WhatsApp might come with new multiple device support feature soon

WhatsApp is a well-renowned communicating platform used by millions of users out there. Being in the highlight, WhatsApp has a series of rumors, and one of them is the multiple device support. WhatsApp working on various devices was rumored, and now the app is reported to have an interface to link many devices with a single account. However, the feature is not officially released, yet new features will be seen in the upcoming months.

Developing a feature of WhatsApp multi device support:

The user interface under development is looking forward to opening up the WhatsApp of the same account in other devices by linking the account. There would be a button for connecting available. It will create a new session so that you can use it on different devices. Well, the feature is under development for the longest time, and for now, users can access WhatsApp on only two devices. That is on your mobile phone and your desktop. Whatsapp is trying to increase the amount and make the platform work with four devices simultaneously. For Apple users, if the feature gets launched, you can access the platform with a single account on your iPhone and your iPad.

WhatsApp storage interface in beta update:

The cherished application comes up with a new storage interface for iOS. Users will receive the interface and Manage the storage option. You would get to access it by opening the storage and data option in your WhatsApp settings. Well, the first priority of the developing team is the upgraded storage feature as compared to others. After releasing the Always Mute option specifically for the group chats, WhatsApp’s new launch noticed the section’s change. The team goes on with keeping the Storage Usage the first. Well, the talk of WhatsApp’s new storage section is the talk of the tech world. Maybe we can see these fantastic new launches very soon.

Swetha Sivakumar

Swetha Sivakumar

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