WhatsApp may Enable Chat Syncing Between iOS and Android

Facebook owned online messaging app- WhatsApp, is the main go to app for messaging someone. Such is its popularity that it has become almost synonymous with the activity, think messaging, think WhatsApp! With such wide usage, they also focus their efforts on improving user experience and bringing in new features to keep users hooked on to the app as well. One such feature that WhatsApp is said to be working on in the background can be a huge boon for people wanting to syncing their chat history across different platforms.

Syncing chats between iOS and Android doesn’t always work out as well as it does for same platform syncing. Going by a post by WABetaInfo, this may really help out users facing difficulties in those cases. The latest development also seems to hint that users will be able to login in up to 4 devices on WhatsApp using the same phone number/ account.

Accordingly, once this feature is rolled out for users, WhatsApp will also work on introducing yet another feature to sync chats across devices. However, do note that, in order to transfer, upload and download all the messages, images, videos and all other sorts of shared content among users, there will likely be a huge consumption of data, so using Wi-Fi for the same seems to be most suitable.

WhatsApp Chat Syncing Feature multiple device

The WABetaInfo post states that- “they are testing the multi device feature in order to work with 4 devices at the same time” and also “when the user wants to use WhatsApp on a second device, there is the need to copy the chat history. In this case, WhatsApp always requires a Wi-Fi connection, because it may use a large amount of your data plan.”

It even said that after the chat history has been synced to the other devices, users will be able to use their account from it, assuring continuity across all platforms and devices. In light of this, the report also stated that “Note that any message will be delivered to all your family devices, so your chat history will be always synced across platforms, and when you use or remove a device, your encryption key changes.” So, if the encryption key changes during the process, all active chats of the user will be notified of the same.

WABetaInfo has tested this particular syncing feature on WhatsApp for Desktop, it is noted that the app will also allow mobile handsets to be connected to the main device as well, in the post.

For all the WhatsApp enthusiasts who look forward to this, keep in mind that this feature is still in a nascent stage. Due to being in the early development phase, it may take some time for the feature to get fully rolled out, which remains unknown at this point in time.

Apart from this, the main concern is if this feature will alleviate the plight of iOS and Android users in terms of being able to properly syncing their WhatsApp chat history between the 2 software platforms. It was even said before that WhatsApp was making efforts to convert the iOS database for Android compatibility. But this all remains unconfirmed for the time being.


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