WhatsApp is still undergoing discussion regarding its new privacy policy in Turkey.

WhatsApp has said on Friday that the company is still in the process of discussion with Turkey’s Competition Board regarding the rollout of the new privacy policy in Turkey which will eventually allow this messaging app to share user data with its parent company Facebook. Earlier, this plan by the company had faced a serious backlash from Turkey and had led to an investigation by Turkey’s Competition Board. Recently, the board had said that it will not allow WhatsApp to release the update in the country.

WhatsApp had bought a new privacy policy update after updating its terms of service earlier in January this year. The new update, if implemented, will allow WhatsApp to share user data like their phone numbers and location to the Facebook and its subsidiaries. “It is not the case that we no longer intend to roll out the update in Turkey. We continue to discuss next steps with the relevant authorities and we remain fully committed to delivering secure and private communications for everyone,” the company said.

The company has further defended the move by saying that the new privacy policy will not affect the privacy of personal messages or chats of users in any way possible. But this has not stopped Turkish users from switching to other messaging apps like BiP, Signal and Telegram.

The company in an official statement said, “We continue to roll out our update gradually around the world and the majority of people who have received it have accepted”, indicating that it is still adamant to roll out the update despite serious backlash by several countries. But the company will have to face stringent actions by Turkey as it is not in any mood to compromise with the privacy and data security of its citizens. Even the Turkish people after realizing the stiff stand of Turkey in this regard have eventually moved on with other apps. Though, it will be interesting to see what happens in near future as WhatsApp still has high hopes of releasing the update in Turkey.

Kanchan Choudhary
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