WhatsApp has been asked to withdraw its privacy policy by the IT Ministry.

Amid several pleas filed in the Delhi High Court, against WhatsApp’s new privacy policy; yesterday the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, “has directed WhatsApp to withdraw its new privacy policy” as per the sources.

According to IT ministry conjecture, a new update to WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy, & the way of implementing those changes, compromise the values of information policy, data security & user’s choice. Acc. to Government sources, the IT ministry also said that “WhatsApp’s privacy policy 2021, harms the rights & interests of Indian Citizens.”

In a communication with WhatsApp on Tuesday i.e., 18 May, has one more apprised WhatsApp to pull-out its privacy policy 2021. Acknowledging, aforementioned, the Government has issued a 7-day notice period for WhatsApp, to give a response. And, “if the instant-messaging platform fails to provide a satisfactory response, then needful steps shall be taken in unison with the law.”

An official of the IT Ministry in its statement said “We have a sovereign responsibility to protect the rights and interests of Indian citizens. The government will consider various options available under the law.”

However, this isn’t the very first time, when IT Ministry has asked something like this from WhatsApp. The IT Ministry had already written a letter to Global CEO of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart; asking him to withdraw this new privacy policy 2021, earlier this year in January.

Further in the letter, the IT Ministry wrote that “collection & over-sharing of user data, with WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook & other companies affiliated with it, will result in a niche, where any internal difference can compromise users personal information.

Acc. to privacy experts & IT Ministry of India, “the submission of new privacy policy, holds the power to transgress elemental values of data privacy, user’s choice & liberty of Indian users.”

Later in the month of March, the IT Ministry took it before Delhi High Court, & submitted an affidavit mentioning “WhatsApp shall be restrained from implementing its new privacy policy as it violates several rules of Indian Information & Technology Rules & Laws. Upon which WhatsApp told the court, that its new privacy policy will be put in action from 15 May, as planned & is in no mind of postponing it.

Now, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, in its latest notice has mentioned the following:

“As you are doubtlessly aware, many Indian citizens depend on WhatsApp to communicate in everyday life. It is not just problematic, but also irresponsible, for WhatsApp to leverage this position to impose unfair terms and conditions on Indian users, particularly those that discriminate against Indian users vis-à-vis users in Europe,”

WhatsApp’s blunt “accept the terms or you are free to leave the platform” for specifically Indian users, is not only a matter of concern but disrespect also to Indian users, when the same has not been asked of European users.

Chetna Singh

Chetna Singh

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