WhatsApp Disappearing Messages feature Goes Official

WhatsApp comes up with a new feature for disappearing messages. This will be available via the new update that will release it this month. However, WhatsApp has not yet updated regarding the features and details of the disappearing message’s features. Disappearing Messages will be rolling out from today and is accessible on Android, iOS, and Linux-based KaiOS devices. Also, users using WhatsApp Web and Desktop platforms will receive this feature by this month.

How does the WhatsApp Disappearing Messages feature work ?

WhatsApp earlier gave a bit detail on enabling and disabling this feature via Faqs on its support page. Also, users got to know about its usage. The feature is entirely different on WhatsApp as compared to Telegram. In Telegram, users can set the duration for the message to appear. But there are no duration settings available in WhatsApp. It will automatically clear the messages within seven days. Talking about this feature in Snapchat, we know that it deletes the messages as soon as they read it. If not read, then the messages will delete within 30 days.

WhatsApp came up with the idea to keep it for seven days. This is because they felt it would be the right way to finish the users’ conversation. According to the WhatsApp team, they think that this will give the users peace and guarantee that the messages will not stick around permanently, and readers will not forget it soon as it remains for seven days. The message will be there for a few days making it useful to refer to it, and then it will be gone later. Users will have to enable the feature for each chat window separately, and it is used by selecting the name or the group on the platform. If your Whatsapp remains open on receiving phones, then the disappearing messages will appear in the notifications. Also, the quoted text will remain after seven days.

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Swetha Sivakumar

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