WhatsApp Business comes up with new features with a shopping button now

Well- renowned platform, WhatsApp, which is also owned by a well-developed application Facebook, has brought up something new for users. WhatsApp business is the center of attraction now for many users out there. The new feature, along with Facebook, adds more spice to everything. Now we users can use WhatsApp to shop too. Yes, WhatsApp declared that the feature would allow users to add the products and items and do the shopping globally. Here are the new features of WhatsApp Business that Facebook introduced recently.

WhatsApp Business launches the shopping button with it:

WhatsApp Business platform is used by many as a business account to contact dealers and customers. Also, to take and deliver the orders and other things to contact about quickly. Now the app will be seen with a brand new shopping button. It will allow you to add the items in your list to WhatsApp’s shopping cart efficiently. If the other feature of WhatsApp digital payments gets cleared out and launched, then what can more make the users happy. All the small scale business platforms will be able to directly contact. Also, several amazing plans offered by Facebook’s hosting services. An exact shopping experience that we users receive from certain sites like Amazon and Flipkart will now be received here too. Users will get an option to direct contact to the seller or the dealer.

WhatsApp’s further plans to get executed soon:

As per the census, WhatsApp is used by 15 million Indians. Many use the platform of Business to carry out their deals. WhatsApp will be upcoming with features like QR code scanner. It will allow you to contact and chat with the other person by just scanning the code. They are planning to make a deal with business solution providers. Also they might charge all the platform users from the upcoming year. Hopefully, all the upgraded features will soon be available in India as the platform itself declared the huge population supporting the WhatsApp business platform at a high range.

Swetha Sivakumar

Swetha Sivakumar

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