What is the Sound Recognition Feature in iOS 14 and how does it work?

Apple never fails to amaze us with their work, and with technology advancing to new horizons, Apple’s products keep on getting better. Last year Apple released its new iOS 14 update which unfolds several new accessibility features, including new Magnifier function, & the BackTap feature. The Sound Recognition was one the most important features in iOS 14. All these features were primarily designed for those who are facing visual or hearing impairment.

Another unique feature, most users are unfamiliar with is “Apple iOS 14 Sound Recognition Feature”, which is able to hear certain sounds and notify you when your handset or tablet recognizes a certain sound.

What is Sound Recognition Feature?

Sound Recognition Feature is specially designed to detect all those common sounds which sometimes go unnoticed, if we are not paying enough attention, such as the sound of door bell, a cat’s or dog’s voice, water running, just to name a few.

When your Apple device recognizes a certain sound (a dog’s bark maybe), your device will either vibrate, make a sound or display a notification on screen if your device is asleep, to alert you. However, for your device to recognise the sound it is set on, it needs to be close by.

And, you may not be able to use the “Hey Siri” assistance feature, one you toggle it on.

Even though the Sound Recognition feature can be used by anyone, we must keep in mind that it is just a tool; designed for those with visual or hearing impairment or to assist you in times when you are having trouble with hearing sounds.

How to use iOS 14 Sound Recognition Feature?

To use this feature, make sure your device is running on iOS 14/ or iPad OS 14. Follow the steps given below to turn on Sound Recognition Feature.

iOS 14 Sound Recognition
  1. Go to the Settings app from the home screen and tap on the Accessibility option.
  2. Next, under the Hearing option, select Sound Recognition & Toggle it on.
  3. Then, select the sounds & switch the toggle to “ON”, for any sound you would want to be notified for. And et voila! you are done.

The list of sounds your device can listen to, includes :-

Siren, Smoke Alarm, Fire Alarm, Cat or Dog’s Voice, Door bell, Door Knock, Water running, Baby crying, Coughing, Shouting, Electrical appliances.

When your device recognizes a certain you had it set to listen for, you will receive an on-screen notification. It can be either a sound notification, which you can snooze for 5-min, or 20 min or even for 2 hours.

In case your device is in sleep mode, you will get a display notification on the locked screen. Just remember that if your device’s Sound Recognition feature is on, the “Hey Siri” feature will be disabled. And, even though it’s a great feature, it should not be relied upon in case of emergencies, or for high-risk situations, or for navigation.

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