What is battery recalibration for iPhone 11 Series in iOS 14.5

Apple introduced iOS 14.5 update for all iOS 14 running devices with a lot of new features, improvements and bug fixes. With iOS 14.5, users now can unlock their iPhone using Apple Watch and will be helpful while wearing a mask. New update also added features related to AirTag and FindMy, introduced more than 200 new emojis, 4 different Siri voices, 5G improvements and some bug fixes. The update brings battery health recalibration features especially for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max users.

The reason is the older iOS version was showing the wrong battery health percentage in iPhone 11 Series smartphone. As a result of some bugs in the system, some users reported dramatic battery health falls on their devices.

How to check battery health percentage?

You can easily check your battery health percentage by going to the battery department in your smartphone setting.

  1. Go to your iPhone’s setting
  2. Select “Battery”
  3. Click on “Battery Health”

How battery recalibration will work in iPhone 11 Series?

The battery recalibration features will calculate battery health in a complete new way and it will task 2 to 4 weeks of time to recalculate it. After installing iOS 14.5, you have to wait for some days to get new information about battery health. It will calculate according to battery behaviour. Your battery health percentage will not change directly with the new iOS 14.5 update, even during recalibration, it will remain the same. The new data will appear once the process is completed.

It will increase battery health percentage?

It will re-check your smartphone’s battery performance, and if your smartphone was showing wrong battery health due to bugs in the previous iOS version then it will show correct data. Most of the time, your phone’s battery health percentage will improve. Some beta users already reported improvement in battery health percentage. Counting wrongly in the previous version can also decrease your battery health percentage.

A message appears in the battery health section that indicates the system is undergoing a recalibration process as well as it will show some suggestions. Here are the types of messages that you might have to encounter in the future.

1. Battery Recalibrating

battery recalibration iphone 11

This message you will get in the initial situation after installing iOS 14.5 and it shows “Your battery health reporting system is recalibrating.” In this situation you have to wait for a few weeks and have to recheck after some time. You don’t have to worry about your phone’s battery health in this situation. It will recalculate as per battery charging cycle and will change accordingly.

2. Successful Battery Recalibration

In this situation, the message will disappear and your phone will show new battery health that was counted during the recalibration process. The battery health will change according to your phone’s battery behaviour and charge cycle.

3. Unable to recommend service at this time

battery recalibration iphone 11

Sometimes, your iPhone will show a message regarding “unable to recommend service at this time.” You don’t need to worry about this message because this message will show at the time during the recalibration process. You have to wait till completion of the battery calibration process. If your iPhone will not be able to recalibrate battery then it will show “Not Successful” message.

4. Recalibration not successful

battery recalibration iphone 11

Your iPhone will show this message under battery health if it will not be able to complete the recalibration process. That means battery recalibration has failed, however you can still use your iPhone. In that situation you have to visit Apple Authorized service centre and they will replace your battery without any charges.

If your iPhone suggests battery replacement after the recalibration process and your iPhone is under warranty then you don’t need to worry about this. Apple will replace your battery freely. If your iPhone’s warranty will be over during the recalibration process, even that time Apple will replace your battery without any cost. If your iPhone has any type of damage then you first need to repair it to be eligible for the battery replacement program. If you ever replaced your iPhone 11 Series battery due to battery health degraded message, even at that time you can contact Apple for the service.

No information was provided by Apple regarding warranty expired devices and if you are one of them and your device shows a battery replacement message then you might have to pay for that.

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