Well renowned app Tiktok might be returning to India soon.

Nikhil Gandhi, who is the head of Tiktok in India, speaks about the process that the company went through for providing more data privacy along with security. PUBG, another game that was since banned in India, is now out, which also explains how the company took the safety measure. The whole application is under transformation to fit the Indian culture now. Similarly, this Chinese video app is also evolving to make it more user friendly and safe to use now. As per Mr. Gandhi, the application’s developing team considered and followed all local laws and are providing data privacy now. Fill security measures are taken up, and the growth chances of Tiktok in India are very high now. 

As per Nikhil, all the clarification is out and given to the Indian government now. Even if anything more concerns the user’s privacy, it would always be considered by the company in the future. He mentioned that all their employees would remain to all the platform creators, and new avenues will be provided now. Initially, the banning of the platform of Tiktok by the government took place along with more apps, considering them as affecting the integrity of the nation. Also, the government felt the security of many users out there when they used these platforms. 

The social media application co-worked with many security researchers and scholars, along with some top agencies, to have no bugs left and ensure the safety of the users. They also worked with third-party experts to ensure the complete security of the creators on the platform. More than 2,000 ByteDance employees came together and promised to have the problem solved in the nation awarded. Many received a salary bonus to face the ban situation, and also, the pandemic period was tough on many.

Swetha Sivakumar

Swetha Sivakumar

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