Webex plans to bring more upgrades for students and will remove additional charges

Video-conferencing is in trend indeed nowadays, primarily used for professional purpose and office work. Many platforms have developed and are still looking to upgrade the platform for making it more user-friendly. Such an application is Webex, and it has a million users of users around the globe. From 590 million participants it is recording up to 600 million currently. There are some latest features which are on the plan now to make your session more remarkable.

Upcoming upgrades and features:

According to the team of Webex from 30 of this month, they will remove the additional charges for the users. With the expansion of Webex users, it plans to remove the background noise. So every user will not face issues while attending or conducting a meeting. Basically, users can disable all the surrounding annoying sounds very quickly.

Webex compared with Zoom and Microsoft:

No doubts that Zoom and Microsoft are also equally famous and are widely used with Webex. When Webex declared it had 300 million users Zoom disclosed that it had 300 million users. Lastly, Microsoft noted that it had 200 million users. But for now, no news is received by the platform or the team. Well, they all have different methods of counting the users and host. So nothing can be said which app is highly used and which is not. Currently, Zoom and Microsoft deny from disclosing about the attendee’s rate every day.

Webex is presently focusing on making the platform more upgraded for students as many have been conducting online classes in this pandemic situation. The new platform will come with an ability to have large online classrooms. Also, teachers can now allow many students to attend the class at once. Also, the host can split the classroom forming groups of students and can again combine them later. Well, the talk and the planning for the features are still going on and hopefully will be out soon.

Swetha Sivakumar

Swetha Sivakumar

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