Upcoming iMac from Apple still have Intel processor inside

Apple is going to release a new iMac this week, possibly on Monday. From the rumors it is clear that there would be a new Intel powered iMac going to be announced this week. Apple is going with Intel processors again for its new iMac Instead of its own Apple processors. Previously we all heard from china times that there will be a 23-inch iMac coming anytime this year. We all expected this in the WWDC 2020, but were highly disappointed as there was no new hardware from Apple at WWDC this year.

It seems that Apple will be releasing most of the products in the last quarter of the year. About the design, there wouldn’t be anything significantly new as it seems that apple is saving the new designs and innovations for Macs with it’s own processors .

Apple did announce that they will be transitioning away from Intel processors but it seems that apple will be continuing with Intel for more time in the future. This doesn’t mean that they won’t be making their own processors inside, it’s just that they won’t be completely moving away from Intel.

The apple’s silicon based iMac would be coming with thinner bezels, improved performance,neural engine and the very famous Face id (yes, the great great Face ID).

This can be expected by the end of this year. So people who can wait for more time to get a Mac, we suggest you to wait for the Apple silicon processor Mac. We can surely trust Apple iMac with Intel inside as the ones in the past with Intel processors were good enough both in performance and also security. Security is the main feature apple is specialized at.

We got to know about the processor to be Intel core i9 with 10 cores in it. This was known from the leaked benchmarks. Let’s see what else we know from the benchmarks.

The processor of Apple iMac would be Intel 3.6GHz Core i9-10910 processor with 10 cores. T2 chip for the best security along with Turbo Boost: 7GHz, Cache: 20MB L3 with 4 GB VRAM and 1,650 MHz clock speed. The GPU would be the AMD Radeon Pro 5300 graphics card, a version of the 5300M card,same as the one used in the entry-level 16-inch MacBook Pro. (Apple recently added an even more powerful GPU to this product as a BTO option)

Intel i9 CPU+AMD Raedon Pro GPU together will be doing great job in terms of performance. We can also expect these to be on the Apple’s iMac pro series which wasn’t updated since few years or in a Mac book series.

The 23-inch model as stated by china times could be the base or starting Variant, more variants can be expected from Apple with a bigger display. Most of the said features have been sourced from tweets. The tweets are trusted and have been true in the past. So let’s get ready for many new Apple products this year.




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