Unified Gmail interface and Google Chat accessible for everyone

The Google workplace that was launched by Google last August made unique Chats, Meet and Tabs accessible for the users. This Gmail Interface that popped up last year focused on making group discussions and meetings more coordinated. For the Android Phones recently came a newer option by Google where the users can incorporate chat into the Gmail accounts. This option of Chat and a space for new tabs are available on the bottom of Gmail. This feature of combining chats into the Gmail app was accessible for only a few users a few months ago but now everyone can access it.

The news about this accessibility of merged features comes from ArsTechnica. Through a blog, the company has informed the working of this merged supplement where users with the help of a Room tab can handily start a group Google Chat or a conference video call with just a tap.

This is not the end there’s still more, the integrated Gmail interface also makes it easier to open a doc file while chatting or on a group call. The feature does not ask you to go to the doc app to access the file it just simply asks you to tap on the file to open it and splits the screen in two where one of the sides continues with the chat while the other displays the data in the doc file.

Now it is to be kept in mind that the link to open the doc file will only be displayed on the screen without going to the app when you are in a Gmail Chat or have opened the full screen. The feature does not work if the link is present in an email sent to you or you have minimized the page, you need to move to the full screen to make the screen split. 

How to enable Gmail unified interface and Google chat

If you want to allow this feature then go to Chat and Meet> Chat> Classic hangout and change it to Google Chat. This feature does not get allowed manually and you can disable it anytime. This feature when enabled shows the activity status of the user with a green dot as active you can manage it by either setting it on Do not disturb or Set as Away.

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