Twitter restarts verification process, how to apply

Twitter has once again started the verification process for its users to grant them the much desired ‘blue tick’ after the process was halted three years back in 2017 due to widespread criticism of the process being confusing and arbitrary in nature. With over 199 million daily active users, the number of verified accounts is only about 360,000. The verification program was started on Thursday and will be open for the users for next few weeks.

The process started by the micro blogging platform awards blue tick to notable personalities. A new verification application in the ‘Account Settings‘ tab will be visible to users over the next few weeks. Currently six categories are available for the users under which profiles can fall for verification which include government officials and institutions, companies, brands and organizations, news outlets and organizations, entertainment, sports and gaming, activists, organizers and other influential individuals. According to reports, Twitter is also planning to open other categories for scientists, academics and religious leaders by the end of this year.

Twitter will further send an email to users who have applied for the process and will inform them that the process can take a few weeks depending on how many verification requests are in the queue. Other than that, it is to be noted that there few more conditions which the users have to fulfill like – they must have had an active Twitter account for last six months, their account should be completed with a profile picture and other features, there must be no violations that resulted in a 12-hour or one-week lockouts in the previous year.

Finally, they will have to prove their identity to Twitter through a Government ID or an email address. The final application will be reviewed manually by the Twitter staff. If users are denied the blue check mark then they can reapply 30 days after being denied the badge.

Kanchan Choudhary
Tech Aedgar
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