Twitter for iOS now allows to share tweets directly to Instagram stories

Years ago, in order to gain more users and engagement for their own app, Instagram stopped the support to Twitter where you could cross share your Instagram photos easily to Twitter. Twitter CEO and Co-Founder, Jack Dorsey, was reportedly also a big fan of the social media sharing website when it first released. At one point, he had even advised Twitter to buy Instagram but the Mark Zuckerberg led Facebook swooped in in 2012. 

The official account of Twitter announced the new feature which is out live for the iOS users in the world. The feature lets you share your tweets directly to your Instagram story through a pop up option on your screen when you press share. The company tweeted, “Pls stop posting screenshots of tweets on IG stories, now you can share tweets directly on iOS.” 

The benefits of the feature include saving storage space on your smartphone as now it has eliminated the need of taking screenshots to share on your story. Also, it saves you the effort of taking a screenshot, which we all know we are too lazy to do. 

The way this works is absolutely simple. All you have to do is click on the tap on the share button on any tweet and once you do that, an option containing Instagram stories will pop up. Click on that and Twitter will ask you permission to launch the Instagram App, allow it and you can share your tweet to your story in a flash. 

You can also share this tweet directly to your followers on DM or your groups on Instagram if you don’t wish to post it on your story. This could be a really handy feature in the future as you don’t want to end up piling up your photos app with unwanted screenshots. Twitter has introduced what is, in my opinion, a game-changing feature and we could see the feature introduced for other apps as well in the coming future. If you didn’t already know, the same feature already exists on Snapchat and you can share your tweet to your snapchat story. 

Twitter had started testing this feature at the end of 2020 and 6 months later, they had brought out the feature only for iOS users initially. 

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