Truecaller for Android introduces group voice calls, smart SMS and inbox cleaner features

Truecaller has always proved to be outstanding in terms of satisfying the necessities of its users and recently added some new features to the app like the option for Group Voice Call, Inbox cleanser and an option for smart SMS. Truecaller took the app to another level by merging the feedback of users and the inventiveness of its own. You should know everything about these new Truecaller features.

1. Group Voice Call feature

In this feature, the user can connect up to 8 people during the conference call. The feature will also turn out to be a tool to eliminate and kick out the spam that might have entered the group voice call without the permission of the user. There will also be an activity status bar that will show the involvement of a user, the app will show online, offline or busy on another call as per your engagement.

This is not the end of the feature, this aspect makes it easier for the user to add a user to a voice call without reporting them into the phonebook. There will also be an option named dial back in the log history to keep a record of the calls and the call will be encrypted as proclaimed by the company. 

2. Smart SMS

This other feature will work as a filter to separate spam and notify the user of the pending payments. The feature will also arrange the information as per the importance. The feature will come out for users in India, Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria and very soon will be available for the US and other countries.

3. Cleaning of the Inbox

After the Android users update their app this feature will also be there which informs the user of the piled-up One Time Passwords and other spam messages which are useless and are to be removed. By tapping the cleanup button all the spam will be vanished without disturbing the important data.

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