Truecaller comes up with new upgraded features for all the Android users

Truecaller is a very renowned call detecting app. It gets used for knowing about the unknown numbers or spam messages widely. Truecaller that gets widely used has come up with some new unique features incorporated in it. These are named Call Reason, Schedule SMS, and SMS Translate and are indeed the talk of the tech world now. The upgraded features can get used for personal and professional work, respectively. Also, users can at least do something more than knowing about the unknown calls. The features are currently available for Android devices, but for iOS, it will be out soon.

Set the reason for the calls:

Set the reason for the calls

The platform gets developed in such a way that now users can set each call with a reason. It includes urgent calls, business calls or something personal. For all the Truecaller users out there who get multiple calls from unknown people would be able to detect the call and will know the purpose of the call according to the set reasons. The feature will send a note for the outgoing call so that the receiver understands the purpose of calling quickly. Users can also now add a text to shortly explain about the call to increase the pick-up chances now.

Schedule the messages:

Truecaller new message schedule features

The feature does not only allow users to schedule the messages before itself but also you can set reminders for any particular event to be performed later. The scheduling can be done by selecting the icon. It gives the option to choose the message and set the time to send it later.

Translate the SMS:

Truecaller new message translate features

One more developed feature of the application is the Translation feature. With the help of this, the messages that you receive can get translated quickly in the Truecaller platform itself. The feature is developed for the SMS messages as well as for the instant one’s. SMS translation gets powered by Google ML kit where language packs will be downloaded in your android device for translation to occur.

What do you think about these new features that were introduced in Truecaller for Android, do comment below. Update your Truecaller Android App to get these latest features.

Swetha Sivakumar

Swetha Sivakumar

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