Top Indian Cities for Mobile Gaming, survey by Opensignal; Ahmedabad on TOP

Ahmedabad, Navi Mumbai and Vadodara are the top 3 cities in terms of mobile gamers. Opensignal conducted this study. The study has been gathered from data enlisted from 48 of the biggest cities in India. The duration of this study was between April 30 to July 29, 2020. Opensignal has rated all the cities on the scale of 0-100 to study on how “gamers perceive real-time multiplayer mobile gaming on cellular networks”. The games used for this study were popular multiplayer battle arena games like Clash Royale, Call of Duty: Mobile and finally PUBG Mobile. Here is the list of top Indian cities for Mobile Gaming Experience that was held by OpenSignal. 

Mumbai and Ahmedabad are the only tier 1 cities that somehow managed to make their place into top 10 list. Rest of the top 10 Indian cities for Mobile Gaming were tier 2 and tier 3. The reports show that these tier 2 and tier 3 cities figured out how to get an expanded traction, due to the growing market of affordable smartphones, improved bandwidth and cheap data plans.

Top Indian Cities Mobile Gaming
Image Credit: OpenSignal

Study Criteria.

The study took three key elements for rating the overall gaming experience. Packet loss, User Datagram Protocol (UDP) latency and Jitter. Packet loss shows the amount of data packets that never reaches their desired destination. UDP latency calculates the responsiveness of a user’s network connection. And at last is Jitter which is the variability of the arrival time of data packets.

Ahmedabad topped the charts with a score of 71.7. Second is Navi Mumbai with a score of 70.1. In third place is Vadodara, scoring 69.8. Followed by Surat with 68, Bhopal and Mumbai with 67.8, Gwalior and Indore with 67.7, Thane with 65.7 and Rajkot with 64.3.

The tier 1 cities on the list include Chennai with a score of 63.6, Hyderabad with 63.1, Pune with 61.5, Bangalore with 61.3, Delhi with 59.8 and lastly Kolkata with a score of 57.2.

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