This is what we can expect from upcoming Apple Watch Series 7

Now, Apple Watch Series 7, which all of us have been waiting for, might come to market sooner or later this year! As Apple’s WWDC is just few weeks away, we were expecting that Apple may launch its next-gen Smartwatch at the event.

Even so, the big announcement is weeks away, we are already seeing a lot of rumours going around about Apple’s Watch Series 7, its design, specification, & other features. A lot of rumours suggest that, the smartwatch may bring new design, new look, number of features etc.

Let us begin with Apple Watch Series 7 design:

As speculated, Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to be launched with a revamped design, which thinner bezels to provide more space to screen. According to Jon Prosser, known as avid Apple leaker, in its latest video mentioned that Apple Watch Series 7, might come with flat edges instead of curved ones; unlike other Apple Watches.

He also said, that the next smartwatch might be released in mint green, alongside with white, black, blue & red colour. And, this will bring a new colour to the standard colour palette of Apple Watches. We don’t have any solid lead about its accurate specifications, but we’ve heard that screen & display may remain the same as has been with previous models.

Now moving on to Apple Watch Series 7 features, we can expect the following:

  • Apple’s next watch is expected is come with Glucometer feature; which means you will be able to maintain or keep an eye on your Blood Sugar levels, without punching your finger with a needle.
  • Not just sugar, but you will soon be able to monitor your Blood Pressure levels as well, using Apple Watch Series 7. Although, Apple last smartwatch series i.e., Apple Watch 6 already have Blood Pressure monitoring feature. But with Watch 7, we can expect an upgrade in its accuracy.
  • Apple Watch Series 7, may also come with Touch ID based, fingerprint sensor for easy locking & unlocking. We believe that this sensor would be, incorporated into the home button, just like Apple’s iPhones. This new sensor could also bring a new Infrared Light.
  • The most amazing feature, that Apple’s next watch might bring, is Blood Alcohol Levels monitoring, well this seems just about right. The little IR light will shine through your skin, and take the measurements.
  • Another rumour suggest, that the smartwatch might come upgrade in batteries as well, that will help escalate battery’s life.
  • We can expect an addition of micro-LED screen in Apple’s next watch instead of OLED display. This may bring improved brightness, contrast & efficient battery levels. And, it might come with swim-tracking feature as well.

Year 2020, was the first ever when Apple released its two smartwatches i.e., Apple Watch 6 & SE; and this year we are hoping the same from Apple’s WWDC 2021.

Up to now, we only know about the above listed features, but we are not 100% about these as they are all rumoured. Apple may brings more or lesser features, with its upcoming Smartwatch. However, one thing that we concluded from these features, is that Apple has had its major focus on helping users to keep a regular tab on their fitness & health, and the design also confirms it.

Note: All these new features & designs we are expecting from Apple’s Watch Series 7 are just to give you a better insight over your health, and it must not replace a Medical Professional.

Chetna Singh

Chetna Singh

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