The Twitter Verification Process Resumes After A Four Days Of Short Break

Just three days after Twitter paused taking applications for blue-tick, the social media platform has resumed the process again. Twitter announced the relaunch of its verification process on May 20, saying that they have modified the entire system.

It is important to note that Twitter had stopped taking verification applications back in November, 2017. The reason behind this was misjudgement of users to think of “blue-tick” as a mark of importance or validation.

Almost three and half years later, on May 20, Twitter announced that users can once again apply for the blue-tick verification process. Since, users have been requesting & waiting for this feature, since it was stopped in the first place; Twitter received tons of applications. The applications received were way more than the team had apprehended, thus, Twitter had no option other than to pause taking any more applications for a while.

Last week on Friday, Twitter said “to review the applications they have received till now, they are going to pause on accepting further requests, and that they will reopen taking requests soon.”

Today, Twitter announced that users can once again start applying for “blue-tick”.

Twitter also said that users who have applied for verification, can expect to receive a response in a few days, which can also extend from days to weeks (depending on the number of applications).

Meanwhile, anyone can apply to get a blue tick on Twitter, there are only few categories that are eligible to get pass the verification process which include:-Government, Companies, Brands, & Organizations, News Organizations & Journalists, Entertainment, Sports & Gaming, and Activists, Organizers, & other influential individuals.

Moreover, users need to have a complete Twitter account, which includes a profile name, a display image and a confirmed e-mail address or phone number of the user. With a 6-month active account history and a track-record that coheres to Twitter Rules.

And, for those users who applied for the verification process but failed to earn the “blue-tick”, they are allowed to re-apply after 30-days period.

Note: For users who managed to earn “Blue-tick” in the past, but “no longer meet the updated criteria for verification”, are likely to get their blur-tick removed by Twitter. 

Chetna Singh

Chetna Singh

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