The “Twitter Blue” paid subscription service is set to launch soon!

Lately, Twitter has been reportedly working on introducing some new features for their users. These new features may come in a pack of paid subscription services called “Twitter Blue”, as speculated by researcher Jane Manchun Wong.

Just about last year, Twitter did confirm that they are considering introducing “subscription options” to which Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey indicated their plans to ask customers to pay for certain “features” of Twitter.

This new paid subscription service will bundle lots of new features such as “collections”, “undo tweet” and more. Twitter Blue service will first be made available for American users at a cost of $2.99/month. Later, it will be accessible for Indian users as well & might cost approx. Rs.220/month.

“Collections” feature of “Twitter Blue” service will allow users to save their favourite tweets, & organize them under folders, so that they can be found easily when you need them. Plus, you can bookmark your collections as well.

Another amazing feature that “Twitter Blue” will pack-up is “undo tweet”. It is the much awaited feature Twitter users have been asking for quite a long time, it will allow users to delete their tweet by providing them a time window of 10-30 seconds, before their tweet is posted.

However, Twitter is still working to adjust this time window between 5-30 seconds. Along with these two features, Twitter will reportedly launch SuperFollows function, which will allow users to pay for some exclusive & extra content.

In the beginning of May, Twitter via a blog post announced their accession of ad blocker Scroll news reading service. Scroll is an online platform that offers stories from publishers to paying customers. These stories are devoid of ads, and then Scroll shares some of the revenue with their publishers.

Recently, Twitter introduced the Tip Jar feature to the platform ,which allows users to pay directly to content creators for their tweet or blog. And, “Twitter Blue” is the latest addition to this social media network, after Tip Jar, only difference being this time users will have to pay for some new exciting function. Initially, Twitter acquired Revue, which is a newsletter, which was intended to make money through subscriptions.

Last year, when Twitter began working on some Subscription plans & functions, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsay mentioned, if they were to ask their users to pay for a certain feature, they will make sure that “bar is held pretty-high”.

And, after taking a look at all the features Twitter is going to offer, I think we all agree that Twitter really meant it. As of now, the release date for these features is yet to be confirmed.

Chetna Singh

Chetna Singh

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