The new redesigned Mac Mini is expected to feature M1X chip with upto 64GB of RAM

Apple is one of the biggest manufacturers in the world. May it be iPhone, iPad, Mac or anything like that, Apple is popular for its devices. Now, certain reports are rolling about the brand new M1X Mac mini. The upcoming edition of the Mac Mini is expected to have massive specifications. The reports say that this Mac would be a thinner version as compared to previous versions. It would utilise the same magnetic power connection as the 24-inch iMac did. 

Apple planned to reuse its trusted and well-worn design for Mac using new interiors for the first version of the Apple Silicon. Apple is expected to make some massive customizations to the compact size computer, along with utilizing the “M1X” chip for the next edition. In the latest video, Jon Prosser states that the forthcoming M1X Mac Mini will also use a new edition of this device for industrial design. This might replace the space grey Intel Mac Mini with higher specs in the series, with the M1 Mac Mini which would be introduced as the entry-level device.

Jon also claimed that the 2021 Mac Mini will have a “plexiglass-like” reflective surface at its top, which would be otherwise similar to the aluminium enclosure.

The number of available ports was reduced due to the disadvantages of the first-generation Apple Silicon edition. The M1X chip will allow Apple to provide a full series of ports once again, as well as four USB4 or Thunderbolt 3 ports, two USB-A, Ethernet, and HDMI out overall.

Mac Mini M1X

It is supposed to use the similar magnetic power connector that Apple provided in the M1 iMac. Jon also claims that the glass-like finish at the top might indicate that Apple can launch a range of two-variant colour options for the Mac Mini. Some reports also say that this device might have support up to 64 GB of RAM, and have more Thunderbolt lanes which have more IO ports. This chip might appear in the forthcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro.

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