The launch of Battlegrounds Mobile in India is scheduled for June 18th?

The most awaited game in the country “Battlegrounds Mobile India” is set to launch in India on 18th June and the fans have been the most excited they’ve ever been. Krafton shared a teaser on their social media platforms recently stating “We know you’ve been waiting for us for a long time… we’re super excited for the biggest drop of the year.”

They also posted a picture that has a measurement tool in one corner with various numbers inscribed on the board. Fans were quickly excited and started picking up on the clues and coming up with their own launch dates. Based on the combination of numbers in that post, many players are predicting the launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India to be the 18th of June.

The game is available for pre-registration on Google Play Store with minimum requirements to play the game smoothly. Requirements for the game include a smartphone with an android version of 5.1.1 or above, 2GB ram or more and a stable internet connection. 

Krafton has also revealed that the gaming title will come with Erangel map and UAZ off-road vehicle and the game will also feature green blood splatter. Users who pre-register will get rewards such as recon mask, recon outfit, 300AG and the celebration expert title. Krafton revealed that the game’s outfits will be similar to the ones that were available in PUBG earlier. The game is set to launch first on android followed by iOS. As the iOS version is still in the works, it should be launched soon after the game releases on the android platforms. 

Battlegrounds has received some criticism by the government for its involvement with the Chinese company Tencent. The government has made an official request to review the data practices of the company but there has been no official communication or a response from the company in that aspect so far. 

It is also important to note that both PUBG mobile India and PUBG mobile Lite have been banned in India since the September of 2020 for data privacy issues under section 69A in the Information Technology Act.

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