The iPhone 13 series to emerge with an improved image stabilization than its predecessor

When it comes to Smartphones, major reports roll down to claim massive camera upgrades for the upcoming iPhone 13 Series. Now, according to recent reports, it is seen that all the iPhone that were manufactured in 2021 are expected to have major improvements and stabilization in the camera. This will enhance the quality of the upcoming Apple iPhones and would show their magic for those who have shaky hands. 

A new report by The DigiTimes claims the VCM or the Voice coil motors will be brought to these iPhones which are quite larger in number than Android and is expected by the second half of 2021. Apple is more likely to feature the sensor-shift optical image stabilisation or the OIS that could be added for the iPhone 13 series smartphones.

For the unaware, this sensor-shift stabilisation makes sure that it gives a better focus and shifts the camera sensor rather than the lens for working and this is the present feature in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

But, the iPhone 12 Pro Max uses the sensor-shift OIS. So, the expected changes to be seen in all iPhone 13 phones (iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max) are in the form of both software and hardware for the dual cameras consisting of wide and ultra-wide sensors. Presently, the 12 Pro Max features the sensor-shift functionality which is only present in the wide camera.

Further, it has been disclosed by rumours that Apple has made an order to the manufacturer of the camera components to enhance their production by 30% to 40% to increase their competitiveness and make the required number of units for the devices.

Other than this, the iPhone 13 phones are predicted to emerge with an upgraded telephoto lens extended up to a 2.5X zooming facility, an increased aperture for the ultra-wide lens as well as the addition of the LiDAR sensor for all the iPhone manufactured in 2021.

Till now, this is all the information that we have with us regarding the camera stabilization of iPhones. For more tech reviews and tech news follow Tech Aedgar on Google news. 

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