The Gesture Feature in new Upcoming Galaxy Watch 3

The Galaxy Unpacked Event is approaching in a few weeks. Like every year, this year on the 5th of August, Samsung is hosting its virtual event for the first time during this pandemic. Details of Samsung’s latest lineup has been leaking out steadily. First the Galaxy Note 20, then the Galaxy Fold 2 and now the Galaxy Watch 3., more rumors have come into light. Well, recently, Samsung launched its official app for Galaxy Watch 3. In this it is found that there are new features this time which includes the gestures to manage calls and take photos. 


XDA’s Max Weinbach investigated this to see what new features the new Galaxy Watch offer. Well, the most exciting feature had to be the gestures. The first allows us to silent any active alarm or incoming call with just the twist of the wrist. The other, which is interesting, is that the watch can answer an incoming call or snap a picture in the camera app when you clench and unclench your fist. Due to the presence of an in-built speaker, you can pick the call up and talk via the watch itself. 

Screen Capture

Another new feature is the ability to take a screenshot. Of course, taking screenshots via a Samsung smartwatch is not a new functionality but the way you take them with change on the new Galaxy Watch 3. Previously, you had to hold the bottom button while swiping left at the same time to take a screenshot. But now, Samsung lets you press the buttons on both the sides at the same time to take a screenshot. 

Fall Detection 

A great health and safety feature that Samsung is adding is the fall detection. This means, if you fall, your smartwatch will ring for 60 seconds. If you do not respond in those 60 seconds, it will text your location and a 5 second recording of your surroundings to your emergency contacts. It will work as the SOS mode that is found in phones but with a sensor which senses when you fall. There is also an option for placing an SOS call instead of text when you fall. You can add your own emergency contacts like the normal SOS feature. 

Easily Accessible

Samsung is also working to make their watch more accessible, especially for the visually impaired. You will be able to change the size of the text, icons, content on the screen according to your requirement. Also, to help with the contrast and to reduce eye strain, you will have the choice to use Samsung’s Color Lens 

Watch Faces

Other than the features, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 also comes with a bunch of new watch faces which are shown below. 

Galaxy Watch 3 watch faces


All these new features bring a whole new experience for the customers and would also attract a lot of them. The introduction of the gestures would be the center of attraction when we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Let us wait until the unveiling of the new Samsung’s lineup. This is going to be interesting for sure 

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