The Comeback Of PUBG Mobile In India As “Battlegrounds Mobile India”

The PUBG mobile that was banned back in 2020 is making its comeback in a new form. Yes, that’s finally happening. In Diwali 2020, there were rumours about the coming back of PUBG Mobile as PUBG Mobile India, but days passed by, and nothing happened. The game was banned because of Tencent games which is a china brand. The developers of PUBG tried their best to relaunch the game in India as PUBG Mobile India, but nothing happened as the Indian government didn’t agree. So, the developers at Krafton changed the name of PUBG to “BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA,” and it worked. Let me tell you, this game will only be launched in India with exclusively Indian servers, and anyone outside India can’t access this game.

PUBG has now renamed all its Indian social media handles as “BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.” Along with this, it has also released a teaser on its YouTube channel. In this teaser, we can see that a player is in the sky opening his parachute. He also put the Level 3 helmet, which is the same as the earlier PUBG Mobile game. We will find most of the thing common in between earlier and the newest versions, as the name “INDIA” is attached with the game, we can expect some Indian glimpse in this game like there can be Indian tradition outfits and vehicles which is not found in other versions of the PUBG. Not only this but the official logo was also released on its YouTube channel, and social media handles a few days ago.

There are many rumours about launching this game next month, i.e., June. Also, it has been made clear; this game would follow the proper esports rules and regulations as per the government’s guidelines. It has been notified, children under the age of 18 can play this game with the prior permission of their parents and within the time limit of 3 hours a day. This means even if the parents permit their children, they only can play for up to 3 hours a day.

Finally, the wait is over, and this game is expected to rock the Indian market as this has no more link with the Chinese as Krafton is a Korean company. After the launch, we can see many exciting esports tournaments, live streams on YouTube, and much more.

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