The best way to promote 12 Minute Affiliate System

There are multiple ways to promote any affiliate product but the inaccurate way might push the promoter into slow down or financial trouble. As an affiliate marketer you need to choose a precise way to promote the product because you are not only the one who wants to promote that product. Actually you are in big competition especially if you choose a product which has high numbers of promoters. The 12 Minute Affiliate System is one of the products which has highest gravity on ClickBank. Which means there are plenty of marketers who are already associated with the product. Here are some effective ways to promote 12 Minute Affiliate which definitely helps to get results.

Why do you need to promote 12 Minute Affiliate ?

Somehow you ever thought that why should you need to promote 12 Minute Affiliate ! But there are some reasons behind that have forced us to promote the product. Currently, the 12 Minute Affiliate is one of the best selling products on ClickBank. The product has 149 gravity which counts as perfect gravity number. Affiliate marketers will get an average $16.98 commission for first initial sale. The 12 Minute Affiliate System is a recurring product which means whenever a customer buys the product again you will get your commission. Recurring commission is $24.34 per rebill for 12 Minute Affiliate and you can understand that by below picture.


The 12 Minute Affiliate provides pre-build funnels, email swipes, targeted audience, keywords and ideas to marketers that helps in generating sales. You can use that email swipes to drive traffic to your affiliate link.

Different ways to promote 12 Minute Affiliate:

Basically, there are two legit ways to promote the 12 Minute Affiliate System which is covered by today in this post.

  1. Organic Way
  2. Paid Way
promote 12 minute affiliate

You can choose any of two as per your choice and budget. Organic way does not require extra money but it needs some time to grow up. While in paid way you must have enough budget to promote 12 Minute Affiliate. Organic is the most efficient way to promote especially if you are on a beginner level and do not have more money to spend. In a paid way you have to pay advertising fees to different services and that totally depends on your budget.

Organic Way

There are different platforms where you can promote 12 Minute Affiliate without any cost. If you are on beginner level and want to try affiliate marketing then it may be perfect for you. Organic way is the only way where you can promote products freely and can get commission.

1. Post on Instagram

For promoting 12 Minute Affiliate on Instagram, you have to build a product page and there you can share information about services, functionality, success etc. You also can share a success story on that page to attract people. To promote a 12 Minute Affiliate Instagram page freely, you have to share in your WhatsApp group or the audience who are really interested in that kind of product or service. The 12 Minute Affiliate also provides hook stories that can help to influence people and that is available in their affiliate page.

In your Instagram bio section, you can post your affiliate link. By using that link, interested people buy the product and you can get your part of commission. If you have extra money then you can use a paid way to promote your page on Instagram itself. Facebook itself provides that service or there are many influencers on the platform that gives promotion service at a cheaper rate.

2. Post on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best ways to promote 12 Minute Affiliate without any charge. You just have to make a product account over there with a website link. Then you can post different pins to promote the product. You can not share a direct affiliate link on Pinterest, you have to build a landing page and then redirect users to your affiliate link. For that you must have a website or you can use blogger service.

Most of the Pinterest profiles are google indexable, that means whenever someone searches the term “12 Minute Affiliate” on google, your Pinterest profile will be displayed. Users can get through product links by visiting your profile. Pinterest also shows your pins to other interested users that means there are more chances to get more sales.

3. Writing a Blog

Writing a blog is also considered the best free way to promote affiliate products. For that you need a website or blog in which you have to write all the information and description of the product. You also can write a review of the product and give an attractive title and that helps to bring more users to your site or blog. From there, interested people will click on your affiliate link and after the purchase you will get your ClickBank commission.

promote 12 minute affiliate

Some marketers run paid campaigns on the internet to promote products like 12 Minute Affiliate. The viewers of that advertisement will not buy that product at first time and you can get advantage without any cost from that selected audience. They search for that product on the internet before buying it. When they search “12 Minute Affiliate” on the internet, Google will show your review article that you have written. They will click on your page and then affiliate link, and at the end you will earn a commission.

Ways to create a Blog:

There are multiple ways to build a website some are free and some are paid. Free websites can be built using services like Blogger, WordPress and Wix. You just have to create an account over there and then you can start writing. For sustainable growth you need a complete website which has a unique domain name ( and that requires a server to store website data. The estimated cost of domain and server for 1 year is minimum $20.

4. Facebook Post

Facebook is one of the fastest growing social media on the internet right now. With the help of Facebook service, you can create pages or groups to promote a 12 Minute Affiliate product. You have to create a product page and have to share information about the product on a daily basis. Facebook offers an “invite” feature in which users can invite other friends to join the group. You can use that feature to get more followers. In every post, you have to give your landing page link. You can not share ClickBank affiliate links directly on Facebook posts and if you do that, Facebook will mark your page into the SPAM list.

Facebook also offers paid promotion for page posts. If you have enough budget, then you can choose that way to grow up quickly. You can target specific audiences using location, keyword, age and language using Facebook Ads. For Facebook Ads, you can set your daily budget around $5-$10 initially and after getting some sales you can increase that.

5. YouTube Video

YouTube video gives the highest conversion rate to marketers and it is a best free way to promote 12 Minute Affiliate. For uploading video on YouTube, you have to create a channel and that is very easy and beginner friendly. After that you need to make a product review video and then have to upload on your YouTube channel. You can add your affiliate link into your video description area. Whenever someone watches your video and if he/she is interested in the product then he/she will buy a product through your affiliate link and you will get your commission.

There are various free video editing tools available on the internet which help to create an interesting video. It is necessary to publish an attractive and quality video to bring interested people to your landing page. You can use free video creating apps like KineMaster, Adobe Premiere Rush, Power Director, Filmora Go or Viva Video for Android and iOS. Moreover, you can use free software like OpenShot, VSDC Editor, Movie Maker 10, Lightworks, Shotcut, DaVinci Resolve for editing on the desktop.

Paid Way

If you want to get more commission in a short time then you must have to select a paid way. Organic way requires more effort and time as well as passion. In a paid way you have to use services like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads etc. You have to pay for the promotion and you can set your daily budget as per your capacity. Google Ads and Facebook Ads are most recommended services for advertising and today we are going to cover these two only.

1. Google Ads

Google Ads is comparatively more costly than Facebook Ads but it gives more conversions. Different kinds of ads like Display, Search Engine, Shopping, Video and Discovery offered by Google Ads. Moreover, you can target audiences for leads, sales, traffic etc. as per your requirement. Google Ads provides more advanced services than Facebook and it has the highest amount of interested audiences on a particular topic. Your Ad would appear on different Websites, Blogs, YouTube, Google Search and various google partners platforms. You can choose where your ad would be displayed according to your requirement and choice.

Best Google Ads Campaign – YouTube

YouTube ads generate more sales compared to other campaigns like display ads and search engine ads because there are more chances to get convinced by watching a video rather than seeing a banner. So, firstly you have to make an attractive video about the product then have to upload it on YouTube. Then you can run a video advertisement by the URL of that video.

Target Specific Audience

Google offers three types of preference to target interested audiences. The audience could be targeted by Keywords, Topics and Placements. You can create three different campaigns to target different audiences to get best results. By the keywords target, you can set keywords related to products. To get trending keywords you can look out for the “Keyword Planner” functionality that is listed on Tools menu. In the topics target, you can select any particular topic or area according to your selected product. For example; your product is a book then you can look out for “Book & Literature ” topic. Particular YouTube videos and channels can be targeted by placement targets.

Target Country, Age and Gender

According to some analysis, most of the buyers of 12 Minute Affiliate products are from tier 1 and tier 2 countries. So, you can target countries like the United States, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia and Italy for effective sale. There are more chances to get a sale from tier 1 and 2 countries but advertising cost might be high. You must have to target a selected age group audience that is more interested in a particular product. For example you can target 35 to 65 year old for health related products and 18-55 for money making products. You also can target the audience by their gender, for example female for cooking products. There are high chances to get more conversion if particular audiences are on target.

Apart from YouTube Ads, another campaign like Display Ads and Search Ads is also useful for paid promotion but there are less chances to get more conversion. As an affiliate marketer, you need conversions not just visitors. That’s why I am suggesting you choose YouTube Ads over others.

2. Facebook Ads

Lot of marketers and advertisers are now moved to Facebook advertising because of the large variety and quality of audience. Facebook Ads is the best platform if you want to promote your own product. In the case of affiliate products, most probably Facebook will ban your business account. Facebook has many restrictions and strong policy regarding advertisement, any mistake might bring your account into a ban situation.

You can run your ads on Facebook as well as on Instagram using business manager. Marketers can promote their product on a targeted location, gender and age group. Facebook Ads is comparatively cheaper than Google Ads, but you have to keep all strict ad policies in your mind. Otherwise Facebook will ban your ad account.

Best way to promote 12 Minute Affiliate:

The best way to promote a 12 Minute Affiliate System is a paid way. This way requires money, but marketers can get their commission in a short period of time. Organic way costs your time while paid costs your money, choice is yours! My recommendation is paid way and specifically YouTube ads. Google offers free 2000 Rs credit to the new user.

Steps to promote 12 Minute Affiliate on YouTube

  1. Create a video ad
  2. Make a landing page
  3. Email automation
  4. promote on YouTube

1. Create a video ad

To promote 12 Minute Affiliate, you require a video and you can create by yourself. You can cover a hook story or animated review in video. you can create a story like this:

If you want to earn online and get results like those, just watch this short video carefully !
Hey, My name is …..
Just a few months back, I was also looking for a way to earn online money because I was fired from my job. My wife was also doing two jobs because of his jobless husband.
But I had a very strong desire to earn money online and I knew I could make it work.
I took many courses and did multiple online businesses like fiverr and drop shipping in the past but I never succeeded.
Until one day when I watched a video (like you are watching right now) and I fingered out a new way to earn money online where I don’t have to find or create a product or do endless customer support to deal with an inventory.
But in that new business, I had to do only ONE THING and that was market those products online on a platform like Facebook Ads
And that business was Affiliate Marketing
So If you want to learn how I got these amazing results from affiliate marketing then my mentor is doing a Free Training where you can learn how to get these amazing results like me.
Click On Learn More Button to know more about it.

First, you have to write different attractive stories like that and need to make a video on that. You can hire speakers from fiverr or you can hire voice over artists to make an attractive video. That type of video always creates conversion. If you want to play long in the affiliate marketing field then you have to take steps like this. You also can create different types of ads regarding product information and success stories to bring the audience to your landing page.

2. Create a landing page

ClickFunnels gives a service to create a landing page, in which you can collect information like email id and name of users. Later you can use the information to send follow up emails with your affiliate link. You have to create an attractive landing page with the use of engaging heading and texts. ClickFunnels offers a free trial for 14 days, and later you have to pay $97 per month. You also can build a landing page by yourself, but in that case you must have programming skills. After the submit button, the user must be redirected to the product affiliate link and that is very important to get a commission.

Make sure your landing page has all the information regarding privacy policy, terms of service and disclaimer. You can place a link of that page in your landing page to prevent ad rejection. In the disclaimer, you must have to add about your relation with the product whether you are the owner or promoter.

3. Email Automation

emails to promote 12 minute affiliate

After collecting email addresses from users, you need to send them an automated email address. For that, you can use a service called as a AWeber with 30 days of free trial. Later you have to pay $16.15 per month. You have to set an email automation after the user clicks on the submit button. To bring audiences a 12 Minute Affiliate gives all the follow up emails to promoters.

4. Promote on YouTube

After making an advertisement video, you have to upload a video on YouTube channel. Make a video as “unlisted” to prevent public sharing and indexing. Then create a new campaign on Google Ads for “Website Traffic” or “Leads” and then select a campaign type as “Video”. Choose your daily budget and networks as per your choice and interest. Then enter a specific location to target a selected region of audience. For 12 Minute Affiliate, you can target audiences of the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy and New Zealand country. These countries give the maximum conversion rate. Set “English” as a target language and you can exclude your ad on specific content types like embedded videos, live streaming and games.

Audience can be targeted by:

  1. Age Group
  2. Keywords
  3. Topics
  4. Placements

1. Age Group:

Google offers specific demographic targeting like genders, age group etc. For 12 Minute Affiliate you can target 24-54 of age male groups to get maximum conversion rate because males are more interested in money making skims than females, especially teenagers and youngers.

2. Keywords:

keywords to promote 12 minute affiliate
keywords to promote 12 minute affiliate

By the use of YouTube Ads, you can target the audience by keywords, topics and placements. You can target keywords related to affiliate marketing and can use +Modified +Broad, "Phrase" & [Exact] Match for effective target. You can use the “AdWords Wrapper” free tool (search on google) to create a specific keyword list. Keywords that are listed above are the best if you want to promote 12 Minute Affiliate on YouTube Ads.

3. Topics:

targeted topics

Basically, the topic is for where the marketers want to show the ad, any specific subject or topic related to advertisement. That particular selected audience will see your ad if you have selected any topics. If you target the audience by keywords then the topic is optional for you. You can create a separate campaign for keywords, topics and placements to do some analysis about conversion. In the paid promotion, you need to do different kinds of analysis by experiment.

4. Placements:

targeted placements

By placement, you can target specific video and channel audiences regarding your interest. For 12 Minute Affiliate, you can target affiliate marketing and ClickBank channel to get highly interested audiences. Due to highly interested audiences, there are high chances to get more conversion. Many advertisers try to place an ad on that particular channel or video and for that Google takes a time to show the ad over there. So, you need to look for a topic and keyword target as well.

Video Link

post video link

You need to paste a link of your video on the ad section and landing page link on the URL section. Then set a call to action text and attractive headline. Finally, click on the create campaign and you are good to go. You just have to give some time to your campaign to get optimized. Do not stop your campaign within 2-3 days even if you are not getting any single sale. Analyze the data provided by Google Ads and do changes accordingly. You can stop a particular campaign which gives no conversion after some days.

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