The Best Smart Speakers that you can buy in 2020

Long gone are the days when we used speakers JUST to listen to the music, now these speakers have become much more amusing. These multi-purpose speakers benefit you in a good deal of ways, right from playing music to controlling our smart home devices to answering your stupid and crazy questions (just kidding). You are habitual of using AI virtual assistance like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant but now is the time you fully utilize your Smart Speakers. I’m sure every household desires these clever gadgets to breathe a new life of comfort. So here we have list of Best Smart Speakers that you can buy in 2020.

Let’s walk you through some of the best Smart Speakers 2020:

1. Amazon Echo (2019)

Amazon Echo has definitely managed to secure its place in most of the households. Everyone loves this device because of its amazing softer fabric looks and the capability to manage music, news, podcasts, and whatnot. Amazon Echo (2019) is friendly to your pocket however it looks quite similar to an Echo Plus. Its new AI capabilities have something new to offer you, as the voice profile feature and variations in voice speed.

This device costs $99.99/Rs 7,484 (Check) and doesn’t have Zigbee, but still, it’s cheaper than Apple HomePod and the plus (that makes it a good deal).

2. Sonos One

Sonos One can be nicknamed as Alexa in an improved style. This excellent sounding device offers you multi-room smarts to make your life smartest than ever. Its AirPlay 2 feature is a game-changer beyond doubt, it can talk to Siri along with forming multi-room pair with the Apple HomePode (now you can’t resist getting this device in your living room). This is not the end of the praising session, Sonos One also supports Google Assistant making itself versatile like ever.

Sanos One costs you Rs 45,000 (Check)

3. Google Home

Google Home is the best pick if you want to tune in on amazing music anytime you want (trust me no device can get you all the 90’s hits like this one). Other than entertaining you with music, this device is also capable of pinning with the largest platforms like Philips, Nest, and Samsung’s Smart things. But we cannot say Google Home has everything you desired as there are many features that I really hope it had.

It lacks some of the main Google services and its language comprehension is a tough nut to crack. Even though the list of its smart home devices is increasing, it still not up to the mark. So we can say it’s a simple device enough to access YouTube music, your light switch, and some other basic functions. Google Home will cost you around Rs. 7,999 (Check)

4. Apple HomePod

Apple devices are something you can pick with closed eyes as Apple has always proved to offer you “Out of the World” services. If you have other Apple devices in your home then you definitely need this one to complete the “Happy Apple Family”. Undoubtedly Apple HomePod delivers “treat to the ears” sound but its role as a smart home hub might disappoint you a bit. Apple HomePod doesn’t let you break out of the Apple ecosystem so you have to think twice before you pay for this premium product. Apple HomePod will cost you around Rs. 19,900 in India (Check)

So get your hands on any of these amazing devices and make your home SMARTER than ever.

Jasmeen Kaur

Jasmeen Kaur

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